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Re: Theos-World Hi,

Dec 06, 2009 02:14 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Terrie

My views are:

Thanks for your kind words.

I wonder how I aught to define the word "bickering", which you use?
And how do you think we should go forward without "bickering"?

I have through the years found that "bickering" as I know of the word, - sometimes - in fact are wellmeant discussions about theosophical teachings, - ie. about the aims of the TS or similar, so to help us all find the Truth. The motto is: There is no Religion Higher than the Truth.

What we sometimes perceive as "bickering", is not so.
But maybe we aught to e-mail each other in private much more, so persons will not be offended in public. But even private e-mails and mails are turned non-private. Just like the Mahatma letters or the Esoteric Section papers in the period 1875-1891.

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My private e-mail is:

M. Sufilight

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  I've been reading the posts at theso-talk, on occasion, over the last few years since I left though, typically, with so much in-house bickering I dunno if I'll ever feel comfortable here again. 

  I would like to say to Morton though that I've been enjoying and appreciating his posts. 

  Oh, Morton, it's such a farce, and so much more devious and complicated than what is ever obvious. 

  Do you see what I see, yup, sadly, I think you just might, and it is just as it's said or has always been said: the truth it is disturbing.



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