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Re: Theos-World 2 New Articles by Antonios Goyios

Dec 01, 2009 10:58 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Daniel and friends

My views are:

Thank you for providign these articles Daniel.
But my inner ESP started vibratign "danger" ahead immediately and I began to read the articles.
And I found that I had to make a comment on at least on part of one of these articles.
Try to read an compare with my commets at the end of the quotes.

The Dendara Zodiac:

H. P. Blavatsky said:
"Fortunately we have the Dendera Zodiac, the planisphere on the ceiling of one of the oldest Egyptian temples, which records the fact. " (SD, vol. II, p. 368)

Goyios, Antonios  wrote:
"In consequence, even though it is definite that the Dendera temple was built in accordance with the plan of an earlier structure, it is clear that the Dendera zodiacs as known to us today involve an iconography cognate to the Ptolemaic period, and when taking into account the other architectural elements of the temple they are found in (the empty cartouches, the Ptolemaic and Roman emperor "signatures", the renovations etc) they cannot be considered as a production of an earlier date. In short, whatever may be said to be encoded in the Dendera zodiacs, is encoded with Ptolemaic imagery, and in a Ptolemaic Period monument. Thus, the communicated concept was definitely using the astronomical "language of the times" of the latest temple renovation - an iconography that was thoroughly absent in known Egyptian imagery until that time, but which was present in Greece, Rome, and elsewhere [15].
The above is relevant when we consider how to interpret H.P. Blavatsky's mention of the circular Dendera zodiac, which she describes as "the planisphere on the ceiling of one of the oldest Egyptian temples" (SD, II, 368). Obviously, the temple of Hathor as it now stands cannot be considered one of the oldest Egyptian temples, and its iconography is equally absent from older Egyptian representations, while being thoroughly relevant with, if not identical to the astronomical imagery of the Ptolemaic period, and of its Ptolemaic and Roman "signed" rebuilders. Thus, the Dendera temple can only be considered the latest structure built on the site of one of the oldest Egyptian temples. "
(Goyios, Antonios. S.A. Mackey and the Dendera Zodiacs. Published 10/09.)

M. Sufilight says:

Did your friend Goyas consider the following words:
"In these images, besides noting the entire different methods of stone carving used, note the extrme weathering of the detail from the Dendera Ceiling Zodiac from the Chapel of Osiris (above left) as opposed to the sharply defined images from the Temple to Hathor below it (above right). The contrast in style and amount of wathering between these two carvings is so marked, it seems impossible that every archeologist who specializes in dating these monuments missed the obvious difference between them, and what they imply. Could it be possible that the experts don't want us to know that the Dendera Ceiling Zodiac is far older than the temple it was found in, and that it conclusively shows that the forty-eight symbolic images associated with the Ancient Zodia originated long before 1500 BC?" (p. 3 or 96; Bear in mind that I am only concerned with these words in the text.)

My inner ESP readings tells me, that either the ceiling or the Dendera Zodiac are much older the the Ptolemaic period or it has been copied from a much older version not present today.

What are your comments?

M. Sufilight

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  The following two articles have been published at Blavatsky Study Center:

  . Goyios, Antonios. Some Notes on "Psychometrical Experiments": Comparing the Content of Letter #1 of H.P. Blavatsky to Dr. Franz Hartmann, E. Schlagintweit's "Buddhism in Tibet", and F. Hartmann's "Psychometrical Experiments". Published 10/09.

  . Goyios, Antonios. S.A. Mackey and the Dendera Zodiacs. Published 10/09.

  Look under the author's last name on the following webpage to read these valuable articles:

  Blavatsky Study Center


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