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Re: Theos-World Observation about Nature Spirits in Air

Nov 30, 2009 12:29 PM
by Augoeides-222

I can tell you that several years ago there were NASA videos of unknown phenomena both seen and observed by the ISS resident crew and the Space Shuttle crew of strange linear light forms that appeared inside the ISS and Space Shuttle. There were recorded the comments of the Shuttle and ISS crew members when they asked each other Para-phrasing here ---:did you see that? what is it?--Yes I saw it also. I don't know what it was. Ground Control KSC --We see it also. They never did determine exactly what was inside the ISS and Space Shuttle that they think was making a direct physical passive non-threatenng inspection. Later there was even the use of the words "Life Form" in describing this phenomena. It was quite a few years ago so I can't recall the Shuttle Mission number or year/mo. date. But you may Google for "anomalous life form Iss - shuttle" something may present. 
Also a man now deceased Jeff Challenger, compiled a very large personal website database that was devoted to anomalous uknowns seen near the ISS or Space Shuttle Missions, there were many incidents with many unknowns in a plethora of types, the website may still be online.. You should use Google Videos "Space Shuttle UFO's" in search box. Search "STS-80" omnn Google videos there is a 9 minute video that is referred to as "The Smoking Gun". There are 63 unknown objects that appeared in the 9 minute section of the STS-80's orbit over Brazil and into the Atlantic ocean. These were seen at an altitude of around 250 miles vertical to the Earth's surface at an orbital speed of 17,500 mph. 

Here is a link for the STS-80 Video: 


You can also try Googling "Atmospheric Nature Spirits" on both "Google Videos" and "Google Images". 


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There is a new article on Internet, titled - 'My First Flight', in 
which C. W. Leadbeater describes his first flight, which took place 
between Brisbane and Toowoomba in Queensalnd, Australia, in 1928. He 
makes some interesting observations on the nature-spirits of the air, 
some of which he had not seen before! 

Also, this is the first time I have seen anyone writing about 
observing entities while on airplane flight. All theosophists know 
that the entire universe is full of intelligent entities. Has anyone 
seen any other writings anywhere else. Also, Geoffrey Hodson, was a 
much younger man and should have taken a number of airplane flights. 
Has anyone heard about any comments from him? 

Would it not be of interest if a psychic can observe what is the 
situation around the space station and also in flight to it? 


You can see the article here: 

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