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Who is this mysterious S T Adelante?

Nov 21, 2009 11:26 PM
by MKR

Who is this mysterious S T Adelante?

Some months ago, I received a email from one S T Adelante who is the
administrator of a quaint website which is supposed to address
theosophyâs future. In response I sent a email part of which I quote:

âI am not familiar with your name. I see you have an UK email address
and I suppose you are from that region. Which Lodge do you belong to
and what are your specific areas of interest? Do you hold any offices
in the TS?â

Adelante has not responded till today. I just read in a short article
on Internet regarding this personâs identity. The article says âThe
persons in charge of Theosophy Forward do not say in their website who
they are, contrary to what is usual. The website manager uses the
pseudonym âST Adelanteâ, and when some people asked for the identity
of the responsible of the website, the answer was: âIt is not
necessary to know the people who are in chargeâââ.

This is really strange coming from anyone interested in theosophy. The
number of active theosophists worldwide is quite minuscule. Hence it
is impossible to hide oneâs identity unless they use a pseudonym. In
the Internet forums, in the past, some theosophists have used
pseudonyms to avoid taking personal responsibility for their
statements in Internet. But, in time, their identities were discovered
to their public embarrassment.

I did some research about the website. It is registered with one Hans
Kind of Kind Internet Services in Netherland as the administrative
contact. Late last year, I got a confirmation that one Jan Nicolaas
Kind was involved in it. Googling Kind and theosophy, one comes across
Terezinha Franca Kind who is a General Council member and one of the
nominators of John Algeo in the last Presidential Election. It is my
understanding that he and Terezinha are related.

The mystery is deepening. We do not know if Adelante is the pseudonym
of Jan or Terezinha or that of some one else who dares not put his/her
own real name. It is not uncommon for some people to protect their
good name to operate either under a pseudonym or use others as a
front. Any way one day truth will come out and then we can all come to
our own conclusions.

Anyone knows more about this mysterious Adelante???


There is no religion higher than truth


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