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Nov 09, 2009 08:25 AM
by Rialto Maldonado

I,ve just got back from work and im l.ooking at the  site the world teacher may not be welcomed       with open arms in the modern world and what he teaches maybe regarded by the chinese and         the established order who hold power over people by the power over might not like the  power        too,co create to break them mould and the  system might not like what he says.The chinese              don,t like the dalia llama and what he does and other buddhist leaders around the world are not        loved by muslims catholics and other people, the results may not be as predicted and different to those idealists who predict things as to teachers.The ts in kingston has a challenge and do the            job the ts requires  a theosophist to a matter of coarse.which we do in action. The religious      world is dominated by books and creeds and baggage that goes with it. and thats the problem           and interpretation  of those books is the
 problem.The nature of teaching a code of ethics values       and morality has has become different kettle of fish from the stone age copper bronze and iron age   and early steel ages and the world will probally not axcept its  dogmas being challenged by              a person who  walks out of the dessert on a camel. Thats our homework for sunday to look at how  new approaches to ethics values and morality can be applied in practice.It will take a new type   of   leader and some 3 dimentional lateral thinking edward de bono style to get bit right and that requies a new mind set.


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