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ts goodies

Nov 04, 2009 05:34 PM
by Rialto Maldonado

I,ve just got back as i was meeting friends  and i looked at the internet site  and were going                back to the moon as nasa says and probaly build a base there  and the next thing as the russians have surgested is using a reactor to drive ships in space. we could on mars in a month with                ion drive and  at the edge of the solar system in six months .. the other issues are interesting too         we got a pile of goodies from the fall catalogue and were  reading them. the question i want to        ask if were on the moon or mars astrology will have to  adapt  accordingly ..the esoteric is a              system of ethics values and morality intertwinned . as we see it the only world religion which           can stand the journey and does need moon nodes is buddhism but again the festivals of buddism    are lunar like islam and christiasnity which both solar  too.most of the world religions are lunar         timed just like jewdaism 
 etc but zen  is not so lunar based .all thye world religions past  and now   are lunar  timed for the festivals to be revealed. hpb spent seven moons in tibet being trained  and       she said that she was a buddhist in channi.


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