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Re: Theos-World Re: Fanaticism and Dogmatism

Jun 30, 2009 05:03 PM
by Cass Silva

Good News Erica, how were attendances?

>From: Erica L. Georgiades <>
>Sent: Wednesday, 1 July, 2009 6:56:16 AM
>Subject: Theos-World Re: Fanaticism and Dogmatism
>There was no major incidents during the Conference.
>We had police protection 24 hours per day. I couldnât avoid feeling deeply
>frustrated to be on a theosophical meeting under such circumstances. I am posting here an e-mail (originally written in Greek) which I sent to some friends theosophists in Greece. 
>Brothers and Sisters,
>One of the major works of the Theosophical Society is
>to promote the ideals of freedom from religious fanaticism and dogmatism, which
>are one of the major sources of evil in humanity. On the name of God people
>kill and promote hatred, and a God which in the heart of every religion is a
>God of love is transformed, in a God of hate and barbarism, by those who blinded
>by dogmatism, condemn, criticize, promote religious hatred and many times even murder those who think in a different
>The Theosophical Society through its objects, try to
>show the world that there is no reason for such fanaticism. The Truth is one and
>it doesnât matter if itâs named Allah, Brahman, Christ etc.
>wisely said the philosopher Epictetus:âAll
>religions must be accepted... because... every man must go to heaven on its own
>I must also mention the great privilege we had, to meet
>on that holy Island which is Samothrace. We must feel privileged to have had
>the opportunity to be there and during two days to discuss and study about the Kabeirian Mysteries. 
>The circular of the bishop of Alexandropolis,
>condemning our conference and the Theosophical Society, did not stop us to exercise
>our rights. On the contrary the circular taught us that dogmatism
>is still strong and even worst, dogmatism lives and rules on the land which
>taught the world Democracy, on the land of the great Philosophers, on the land of
>light which is great Hellas. We see these
>events with deep sadness, but always holding a theosophical position, which is
>to promote the theosophical ideals within the limits of respect and
>consideration to others. 
>Still we cannot forget that one of the major crimes against
>humanity was the destruction of the ancient Hellenic religion. We know the truth
>never dies, never is forgotten. The truth speaks louder than any circular, than
>any crowd, always survives even if centuries and millenniums passes by, the
>truth never is lost. 
>Many times we may be taken by sadness, when we visit ancient
>temples, but we know that we never support the truth in the same way of the
>barbarians. Our way is the way of goodwill,
>of balance and harmony. Itâs the way of peace. But this does not mean we must remain silent in front
>of injustices, fanaticism and psychological violence, on the contrary itâs our
>duty to raise our voice against such barbarism. 
>One of the major works of the Theosophical Society in Greece is the renascence of the ancient Hellenic wisdom, and no circular of any clergy
>can intimidate real theosophists, or make them to stop supporting the promotion of
>the timeless principles of Theosophy. We keep on with our work letting the words on our emblem speak louder:
>Erica L. Georgiades
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