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Re: Reply to Keith Fisher about putting people on the block

Jun 29, 2009 09:34 AM
by Anand

Take another example of Anton. Slovenian Section has ES members as officers. They expelled Anton. As these ES officers are under their Outer Head Mrs. Burnier, he does not think that anybody should join ES, due to his bad experience. 
It should be noted that Preethi or Anton don't have to win elections. They don't care much what TS members think about them. Whereas, reputation is important for Mrs. Burnier because she has to work with people and officers. And perhaps she is hoping to run for the President's office next time also. 
Anton and Preethi have many hours available to spend on internet telling people at theos-talk and elsewhere what wrong is done by Mrs. Radha or by  any officer under her.

Anand Gholap

--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> --- In, "keith_fisher@" <exsecy@> wrote:
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> > Dear Roberta
> > 
> > It would be nice to think that you wasn't misinformed, Adyar needs 
> > to be purged of all those who are prejudice or hold a grudge against 
> > the duly elected President before regeneration can start.  However, 
> > spiritual forces seem to be taking control of the situation now.
> > 
> > Sadly, Preethi has placed her own head on the block and you will 
> > probably be next, you could go back to Spain and fight a few bulls!
> > 
> > I wish you well
> > Keith
> > 
> -------------------------------------------------------------
> As Keith Fisher was International Secretary, working under Mrs. Radha Burnier, just a few months back, it is possible that such a policy of putting people on the block, may or may not be executed by  the TS President Mrs. Radha Burnier. Common sense tells that putting head of members on the block means expelling them from TS or ES.
> I don't think this policy can serve the purpose of the President Burnier or her followers. 
> Take the example of Preethi. Mrs. Radha removed her from the job, perhaps from TS membership. What was the result? She told everybody in theos-talk how she did wrong to her. 
> Any person, who feels he is treated unjustly, does not forget the insult. Many times such insult keeps in the mind for many years. That means it will be very difficult for Preethi to forget how Mrs. Radha treated her. It is very likely that she will tell her sorrows in this group and in many other online groups. The effect of it is Mrs. Radha is losing her credibility very fast. 
> Preethi won't lose much in life. If she wants, she can still serve the Theosophical cause in many ways and develop spiritually. Major loser could be Mrs. Radha.
> After Preeti told in this group about Mrs. Radha treatment to her, what was the result? Many people sympathized with her. There came nobody to defend Mrs. Radha, except Keith. You might think that Mrs. Radha has many followers and they will defend Radha online. This is wrong idea. Practically, if any follower of Mrs. Radha wants to defend her, he will send one or two messages in her support and then stop. On the contrary Preethi, or any person who is hurt, will always remember the loss of dignity and will express it everywhere.
> During last Presidential election, I had not accepted or rejected any of the two candidates. I had rarely ever criticized Mrs. Radha's policies. After elections were over, somebody circulated a wrong message that I supported Mr. John Algeo. And soon ES officers under Mrs. Radha started troubling me. This thing has made me think about character of these people. How can Mrs. Radha expect support when officers under her act unjustly? 
> When internet was not present, it was possible to remove any member of ES or TS and nobody in other part of the world could know it. That time, any injustice done to anybody was not known to others and it was possible to execute policies like Keith mentioned. 
> Now things are changed. You do injustice to anybody and everyone will know it. If such a policy of putting people on the block is executed, people around the world will start rejecting Mrs. Radha Burnier and her supporters.
> From my observation I can tell that the process of rejecting Mrs. Burnier and her supporters is already started in many places. 
> Anand Gholap

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