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An Interesting Experience

Jun 28, 2009 06:30 PM
by MKR

TWENTY-FIVE years ago, when I was a comparatively young theosophist (that
was in the days when young theosophists were meant to be seen, not heard), I
wrote a book dealing with every aspect of theosophy from a natural point of
view. It was some months before I could induce any elderly theosophist of my
acquaintance even to turn over the pages, but at last one locally revered,
if somewhat testy, elder consented to look through it. After some little
time he returned it to me with slightly disparaging remarks about my
presumption â apparently what was new in it was not true, and what was true
in it was not new, and in the main it erred on the side of not being true,
With the beautiful humility of the young theosophists of those days I put
the visible results of six monthsâ strenuous thinking into the fire, though
there were also invisible results which remained indelibly stamped upon my
personal brain and character. I have since realized that my old
acquaintance, though very respectably full of knowledge, was not really a
theosophist, and did not even know what theosophy meant, so after many years
I have set myself once more to write upon natural theosophy.
-Ernest Wood in his book Natural Theosophy

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