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Theos-World Re: The Esoteric School Lobby

Jun 28, 2009 01:08 PM
by robertapimenta26

Dear Mr. Anand,

I am travelling, therefore I connect,  if you don't mind, with your most recent posting. Would like to share with you that we should not put too much detective work in going after this Mary Underwood (Undercover) whoever she/he is, since the 'person'   is not relevant. Pen-name,  or even a totally fake person;   it is not what it is about! It is all about looking through the outer appearances,  and possible motives. I read messages about virtual pies in someone's face, come on... That, in my opinion is not the way to approach this. Have no opinion about, and I am not interested in the person Underwood:  I want to find out about motives.

Mr. Ramadoss,  when he is informing newcomers, and if he is really sincere, I do pray to God he is,  should be really functioning as a true guide. His essay on the developments in the Adyar group, as published today,  is  far from complete. Went through great pains last week trying to show that there might be another side to all that came our way over the past 18 months, but Mr. Ramadoss is doing his act again. If he doesn't want to go by what I tried to put forward, no problem, but he could have at least mentioned Mr. Rozman's site. There newcomers find impartial info. 

On the ES: 

I am so surprised that readers do not connect with what was mentioned previously. There isn't anything secret about the ES.  

If it is about the original instructions, and if one knows WHY HPB felt it was needed to form such a group, there can only be consensus. 
The ES, ought to be a group of sincere and earnest students, who study the teachings,  so these students can benefit mankind. Period! That is why the ES was founded. In order to really understand this we have to stick to the basics, and not go into tainted details. 

In my first postings I made mention of the fact that other theosophical groups, for example the Pasadena group,  dissolved the ES a long time ago. Please, all of you, take note that the Pasadena group published all the 'so called' secret esoteric instructions many years ago, just go to their web site.  In my opinion, and many Adyar theosophist will 100% agree with me, the way G. de Purucker
was able to explain all that HPB tried to convey, is very much worth reading.  

This is, in my view,  what should happen: if the TS Adyar decides that the ES should continue to exist, the head of the ES should never be the International President of the TS. No longer a conflict of interest. 

If the ES were to be dissolved, membership of the TS should be taken more seriously. 

Never again should the ES be used to determine election results, policies or strategies,  nor should it be used as  an instrument to force members into certain directions. The ES should be what it what was supposed to be. Adjustments in basic rules and principles,  of course are needed, this is the year 2009. 


--- In, "Anand" <AnandGholap@...> wrote:
> There is one option being discussed. Some people are thinking that if two offices, the Outer Head of ES and the President of TS, are held by two different individuals, misuse of power will not happen. However, I doubt whether this option can succeed in preventing wrong use of power. In any organization two individuals can form a kind of understanding, a sort of power sharing agreement. I have seen formation of such lobbies by some individuals for their own mutual benefit, at the cost of organization. So, I don't think mere on paper separation of power can guarantee that ES power will not be used to control TS.
> There is other better option, which needs debate. We can make all documents of the Esoteric School available to all members of TS. Then whatever spiritual practices were being taught in the ES can be practiced by anybody in TS who wants to live that kind of life. After doing this, there will not be any need of having a separate Esoteric School. As there won't be an ES, question of using ES to control TS will not arise.
> There will be many advantages of this change. Abolition of ES will create much healthy relations and brotherhood in TS. ES power will not be used to control TS. And everybody will be free to live life as given in ES documents, if he/she wants.
> Best
> Anand Gholap

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