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Observation of a TS Member

Jun 22, 2009 09:19 PM
by MKR

Here is a very insightful observation of a TS member about the TS, which
should be an eye opener and is worth reading.


Secrecy is only one of the issues that is a problem within the Society.There
should be nothing Secret about Theosophy or the Society.In days past it was
believed that people should be left to find their way to the Society and its
teachings as then when they arrived they would be ready for the information
there.Now it appears to be treated like an exclusive club and new people are
shown very clearly that they are not part of this Secret Society .There is
or should be no Secret .......Secrecy shows only egoism....worldly egoism ,
nothing of the spirit of a Society that was set up to spread
knowledge,love,and where is the compassion and understanding......Oh please
any young person coming to the website ,chat site in the past few
months...and that is where young people will head, not to the Theosophy main
site...they are interested in interaction ...will have taken one look and
moved on .You yourself said where is the action on site......Its not there
due to the very worldly bullying that has been taking place unchecked. ....
However it is not and never has been necessary to be part of the Society to
learn the wisdom that can be found there.It is only one way.And now you can
gain all  the information the current Society is willing to give through
reading what is on the web.What the Society needs to do now is learn how to
offer the experience of how to use the knowledge there.Brotherhood can only
come when there is respect,love,compassion,understanding and a spiritual
need to stand beside and support each other,Theosophist or not .Can you have
a brotherhood within this Society,only among those of same thinking ,need
and intention.At present to many, the Society ... is just a social place,an
exclusive club and unless you attend all the
conventions,meetings,lectures,clubs etc you cannot be part of the secret
society,the club, the in crowd.....This was never the intention of what the
Society was to be .

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