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Dugpa Inquiry Update

Jun 20, 2009 07:47 PM
by MKR

Today I ran into a couple of young men in San Antonio, Texas, USA who told
me that they are from Nepal and they have just come to the US. Apparently
some refugee organization has brought them here and they are on public
support. Then on further talking to them, I was told that they were born in
Bhutan and they had to move to neighboring Nepal due to local political
To see their reaction, I asked them if any of them are Dugpas. They said no.
However they did not know much about Dugpas, when I further inquired. This
seemed to indicate that the common men and women in that region do not know
much about Dugpas. Looks like only those who had some connection with the
religious orders and monasteries may recognize the name Dugpas.
If we run into anyone from that region, it looks like we should inquire and
someone at some time may throw some  light on the current situation
regarding Dugpas.

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