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Re: Theos-World Re: Adyar estate

Jun 20, 2009 10:35 AM
by preethi muthiah

Hi all,

I read the comments in the lines below. Yes, it is good to keep the words of the Founders and initial theosophists and leaders in mind. But we must remember that times have changed. Earlier Presidents of the TS were always caring for the welfare and benefit of the organization, while the current President cares more for her relatives than for the future of Adyar and the TS.. We also need to remember that we have not had a corrupt President till now and with Mrs Radha Burnier this whole situation changes, because she is not only partial to her relatives, she also endorses the many corruptions they practice in their respective departments, by the endorsement of which corruption she herself can be called corrupt. So what Dr Besant and/or other leaders of the TS said about the supreme authority of the heads of ES, TS and Co-Masonic do not hold true with our current president, solely because a gossip-initiating President cannot know anything about the base for
 creating a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of humanity, and if we participate in her gossip, it means that we also -- as she has repeatedly shown through her actions -- do not believe that a nucleus of the UB can be created. That we are divided as an institution is because (a) she initiated gossip when it was convenient to her; (b) we allowed her to play her game and participated in it when it was convenient to us; (c) now that we know that she is corrupt, we do nothing about it. We don't take a stand against this corruption because we have a vested interest in the TS -- this "we" is particularly directed at the General Secretaries and Federation Secretaries, who have the power to do something to resolve this situation, but won't use it; and (d) As an organization this "we" is so myopic or short-sighted that it doesn't see the fact that if we cease to exist as an organization, there is going to eventually be no posts to hold on to.

Thus, the need of the hour, if i might put it in these words, is to do something concrete about the rampant corruption, gossip, slander-mongering that is doing the rounds in the TS worldwide. The need of the hour is to take a stand against these malpractices that are slowly but surely sucking the health out of the organization. As is, Adyar within the walls of the TS has started to resemble Adyar without the walls of the TS. The same loud music, TV, gossip, slander, groupism, materialism, greed for more and more materialistic goods, use of favours and flirtations to "win" friends etc. are creeping into the campus. Leadbeater Chambers in particular resembles a clubhouse with loud, racuous laughter and chatter, mild flirtation filling the air Mrs Uma Nilakanta who looks after the Chambers. Last year in fact we had a general secretary forget her nuptial vows and commit adultery in her marriage. So this is what Adyar is at the moment. This is no longer the
 Adyar which was the "Master's Home" because the quiet, harmony, purity of life and peace the Great Ones need in order for Their influence to be felt and given is no longer found at Adyar. Strong facts, but true. This is now a materialistic Adyar, a materialistic heart that will influence eventually the entire "theosophical" world with its materialism.


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      Excellent summary.




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> > TS is a complex organization. It is democratic, but as Annie Besant said,

> it's democracy is a farce because in reality it is controlled by the

> Esoteric School. This is not my invention. Annie Besant herself said this.

> > Large number of officers in TS are also members of the Esoteric School

> and the the Co-freemasonry. Both ES and Co-freemasonry have one person as

> head. These two organizations are autocratic and their head can remove any

> member from these organizations in autocratic manner.

> > Will an officer in TS, who is a member of ES or Co-freemasonry (CF), act

> against the wishes of the head, when he/she can be expelled from ES and CF

> autocratically?

> > The fact is many officers in TS are also members of ES and

> Co-freemasonry.

> > Let me explain it in different words. Suppose MKR is General Secretary of

> India. Chuck is International President of TS and also head of the ES and

> Co-freemasonry. MKR is also a member of ES and Co-freemasonry. Now, is MKR

> free to act as an officer of the TS, and can he go against the wishes of

> Chuck, when MKR knows that Chuck can easily expel him from the ES and the

> Co-freemasonry? In this situation MKR, even when acting as an officer of TS,

> will still have to obey commands of Chuck, if he wants to keep his

> membership in the ES and Co-freemasonry.

> > That means MKR will have to obey commands of Chuck in TS, if MKR has to

> keep his membership in ES and CF intact.

> > I hope this explains the complex situation in TS. Again this is not my

> invention. Annie Besant has admitted that ES controls TS.


> Suppose one day MKR decides that he will not obey commands of Chuck in TS

> matters. MKR is now ready to act in TS according to his will and he is ready

> to get expelled from the ES and the CF. Now, because of disobedient attitude

> of MKR, Chuck expels MKR from the ES and Co-freemasonry. Is MKR free to act

> now as an officer of the TS? He is still not free because there are most

> other officers in TS who are still members of the ES and CF and these

> officers want their membership in ES and CF intact. So, they will still act

> as per the will of Chuck and will not go with MKR. So MKR finds that most

> officers are not with him. They still obey commands of Chuck. In this

> situation MKR becomes lonely because nobody is going with him. That makes

> MKR's sacrifice fruitless and he thinks that he should have been obedient

> servant of Chuck.




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