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Re: Theos-World Re: Strange pattern of secrecy/non transparency

Jun 19, 2009 11:59 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear Bill

My views are:
I perceive, that we define the term "REAL spiritual organization" differently.
The Law of Karma is organizing the world even if you would like it not to do so!

Those groups, which seek to perform their work in accordance with this law are bound to work together. They will also work in groups within groups, within perhaps many groups. When they work together - using multi-communication seeking Liberation you instead, call them followers of the devil as far as I understand your words.
If so, I disagree.

Those who seek liberation are doing their best. And that is allright according to ParaBrahm and the visdom teachings. It is those who turn their backs on working together with people, who are the evil ones.

Yet, I agree on that only being 99.9% good is indeed very bad and quite unfortunate.

- - -
No matter how a person is performing he or she lives at least partly with a condtioned mind in this physical world and also the astral as well as the mental worlds. When one becomes a Master one controls ones conditioning. That is my view.

M. Sufilight

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  <So you want to dis-organize everything and throw the White Lodge into the trashcan?>

  Many attempts have been made to form a nucleus of universal brotherhood. Perhaps a lodge is one such attempt. An e-mail group might be another. A network yet another. A theosophical society still another. A church? (perhaps a Unitarian Universalist Church?) --a liberal catholic church? a political party? maybe libertarian? All of these appear to be attempts to organize people into loyalists for a particular piece of truth--the piece the original founder picked up.
  What is most often lost in these organizations is the individual spirit of adventure and inquisitive nature that caused the the original founder to go looking for truth in the first place. Organizational adherents are made into comfortable followers and finally into believers in a piece of folk-lore. 

  I believe an organization can exist to foster an environment for individually directed truth seeking --one that makes "original founders" of every member. Such an organization will have no creed or dogma . It will have no leaders and hence no followers. It will be a group of brothers and sisters who inquire insatiably after truth and challenge each other relentlessly not to rest comfortably in yesterday's version of truth. 

  <I hold it to be true, that there are ordinary organizations and there are those who call themselves spiritual organizations and there are REAL spiritual organizations .>

  You are personally free to cling to that truth your whole life. 

  I believe that truth is a matter of personal discernment and that to organize it is to capture, limit and disguise a piece of it--and eventually to perpetuate that piece as a myth totally absent of the vitality of the living truth. 


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