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TSA Moving Forward in Membership Arena

Jun 17, 2009 01:35 PM
by MKR

Revolution is going on in TSA and it seems to be moving forward in line with
what is going on in the country.
I received the membership renewal notification and noticed that now there is
a Family Membership at a price of $96.00. What is revolutionary is the new
definition of family membership. The dues is for 2 adults and all minors
living in a single household. It is for two adult bodies and minors and says
nothing about how and if the two adults are related or not. This policy of
membership covering two adults under the same roof is not new in business.
Let us keep tuned to see if this policy migrates to the other entities where
we see theosophists are also active at all levels.
Visit for more theosophical activities.

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