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Re: Theos-World Re: Adyar estate

Jun 16, 2009 07:22 PM
by MKR

Excellent summary.
On Tue, Jun 16, 2009 at 3:10 PM, Anand <> wrote:

> > TS is a complex organization. It is democratic, but as Annie Besant said,
> it's democracy is a farce because in reality it is controlled by the
> Esoteric School. This is not my invention. Annie Besant herself said this.
> > Large number of officers in TS are also members of the Esoteric School
> and the the Co-freemasonry. Both ES and Co-freemasonry have one person as
> head. These two organizations are autocratic and their head can remove any
> member from these organizations in autocratic manner.
> > Will an officer in TS, who is a member of ES or Co-freemasonry (CF), act
> against the wishes of the head, when he/she can be expelled from ES and CF
> autocratically?
> > The fact is many officers in TS are also members of ES and
> Co-freemasonry.
> > Let me explain it in different words. Suppose MKR is General Secretary of
> India. Chuck is International President of TS and also head of the ES and
> Co-freemasonry. MKR is also a member of ES and Co-freemasonry. Now, is MKR
> free to act as an officer of the TS, and can he go against the wishes of
> Chuck, when MKR knows that Chuck can easily expel him from the ES and the
> Co-freemasonry? In this situation MKR, even when acting as an officer of TS,
> will still have to obey commands of Chuck, if he wants to keep his
> membership in the ES and Co-freemasonry.
> > That means MKR will have to obey commands of Chuck in TS, if MKR has to
> keep his membership in ES and CF intact.
> > I hope this explains the complex situation in TS. Again this is not my
> invention. Annie Besant has admitted that ES controls TS.
> Suppose one day MKR decides that he will not obey commands of Chuck in TS
> matters. MKR is now ready to act in TS according to his will and he is ready
> to get expelled from the ES and the CF. Now, because of disobedient attitude
> of MKR, Chuck expels MKR from the ES and Co-freemasonry. Is MKR free to act
> now as an officer of the TS? He is still not free because there are most
> other officers in TS who are still members of the ES and CF and these
> officers want their membership in ES and CF intact. So, they will still act
> as per the will of Chuck and will not go with MKR. So MKR finds that most
> officers are not with him. They still obey commands of Chuck. In this
> situation MKR becomes lonely because nobody is going with him. That makes
> MKR's sacrifice fruitless and he thinks that he should have been obedient
> servant of Chuck.

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