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Re: Theos-World Re: Dugpas - Update

Jun 15, 2009 09:54 PM
by Drpsionic

Even as we write, the Dugpas are loading napalm onto their flying  carpets.
Chuck the Heretic
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Pass the Marshmallows please. 

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Who gave this  dugpabuster the power to claim authority over demons? Now we 
have an  inquisition and exorcisms going on within the TS! What next.??? 


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>Dear  Ramadoss, 
>You know, the head of the Lodge here in Koper is  really an expert on this 
dugpa issue. She has more than 60 years of experience  in chasing dugpas 
and their victims. In last twenty years she was able to  detect signs of dark 
forces in great majority of the Lodge members and to  develop most efficient 
method to keep the Lodge clean of malevolent dugpa  influence. She simply 
alienated every member she discovered infected. Out of  about forty members 
who through time joined the Lodge less than ten remained,  but Lodge is 
>And as I was equally expelled from the  Lodge by this dugpa expert I am 
probably attested dugpa victim and I don't  know if there is any chance that I 
can change my fate. I feel that she often  tried long distance healing on 
me but I don't know if there was any success  made - probably not as I didn't 
get the invitation to come back. Therefore I  am afraid that I am hopeless 
case and that it is not worth losing words on me.  
>When you brought for the first time this dugpa issue forward  I tried to 
present some views but most probably they didn't bear any relevance  
whatsoever, therefore I renounced to further address this problem. 
>Maybe alleged sorry membership situation in the West is just due to  
increased dugpa activity and prompt reaction of experienced TS members, so  that 
the situation actually isn't that bad as it seems but only cleansed from  
these negative influences. 
>Best regards, 
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>> Some interesting discussion on Dugpas is  going on at www.theosnet. com. 
>> may want to visit the social  website. 
>> A search of theosophical literature will  reveal that not much can be 
>> There have also not been much  discussion from the "organizational 
>> theosophist" who seem to be  terrified of talking about it, even though 
>> fear only what you  do not understand. 
>> The current interest has come  about from the belief of several 
>> that Dugpas may  have a hand in the developments since early last year 
>> the  continuing crisis. 
>> MKR 
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