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Re: Theos-World Adyar estate

Jun 14, 2009 01:03 PM
by MKR

IMHO, the key issues confronting TS today are (1) the cleavage in the
general council where the voting pattern in the last meeting indicates two
opposing camps and (2) the lack of growth and decline in member retention
and recruitment outside India,  and of course the backdrop of secrecy of
operation of the GC that is at the root cause of many of the problems faced

All other issues were brought out only after Radha Burnier won the election
and the issues were raised by the camp of defeated candidate. Also look at
who are the ones who secretly proposed the disenfranchisement of members
world wide and GC to seize power to appoint the president. Until the above
two key issues are fixed, all other tinkering with rules etc are not going
to have any positive effect on TS and theosophy.
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On Sun, Jun 14, 2009 at 2:40 PM, robertapimenta26 <> wrote:

> I have followed all your discussions here for a long time, before I
> actually joined the group, and I was impressed with the openess and honesty
> in which you were dealing with certain topics. I see that one particular
> issue is not at all popular among you contributors, and I do believe that
> this topic deserves all your attention.
> Adyar, for all of us, is important.
> One cannot simply write it off as a museum, or some monument with its roots
> in the past. I am convinced that many of the excisting probems in the
> theosophical movement today, are directly connected with the functioning or
> non-functioning of the Head-Quarters. Was shocked when in one of the
> postings on TheosTalk, I read the word corruption. Can you imagine,
> corruption in the TS?
> The topic regarding the Adyar estate, as initiated by Mr. Rozman deserves a
> profound approach, so where are all those sharp and intelligent
> contributors?
> One last comment. I am off for an extensive business trip, which will take
> me to three continents in less than 6 weeks. I won't be able to be a part of
> much of your fine discussions, but one question has been on my mind for a
> long time: Whatever happened to this defender of injustice in the TS, Mr.
> Pedro Oliveira? He was so very much a part of all these revelations,
> revealing truths.
> Where is he, and what is he doing?
> Roberta

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