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Followup to Besant's Last Lecture

Jun 14, 2009 08:49 AM
by MKR

 Followup to Besant's Last Lecture

Have you noticed that Besant, in her last lecture, talked about a very basic
and simple fact. Actions speak louder than words. Our life is the best tool
to spread theosophy. She did not bring in other hair splitting complicated
and complex analysis.


Some recent statements for some of the "organizational theosophists" -
elected leaders and active members who dare not publicly disagree with
organizational leaders even on issues which are plainly not good for
theosophy or TS, for fear of being marginalized (mind you the human nature,
as one of the Adepts said, is same whether at Adyar or London) do not
address the simple fact that Besant highlighted.


When you look at the events and activities of well known members and leaders
since start of last year's election and the followup cleavage evidenced by
the votes in the GC meeting, it makes ordinary members who have no personal
vested interests to be very sad. There is no talk of transparency, regret
for untruths spoken, public apology for serious errors of judgement. Just
business as usual. Still the focus on tinkering with the rules (even the
secret disenfranchisement proposal has not been officially withdrawn by the
proponents) which is not going to address the basic issues facing the TS.


May be it is time for each one of us to setup a time to pray so that things
may change.


My 0.02




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