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Some thoughts on spreading theosophy

Jun 13, 2009 07:00 AM
by MKR

When I read the last public address of Annie Besant, what struck me was the
simplicity of her approach to spreading theosophy. It was so simple that
even an illiterate can understand it.
If we want to spread theosophy, our credibility is the key. Action speak
louder than words. Anything that we do will be seen from the angle of
credibility. In this age of Internet, anyone interested in theosophy has
access to a lot of information on all aspects of theosophy, including the
historical developments. There have been a lot of discussions on the
Internet about the developments surrounding and the aftermath of last year's
election and all of them are available for anyone to see. In addition, those
who access wiki also are alerted about them. So nothing good or bad can be
hidden in Internet age.

The developments in an organization whose foundation is Brotherhood and
whose motto is Truth, has resulted in many of its members having a very low
level of trust in many of the leaders. When a prospective member reads all
the info, would be confused, to say the least. And this issue is not going
to disappear any time soon.

It is hoped that the leaders recognize this critical credibility issue and
take quick steps to address it. And sooner it is done, better it is for TS
and theosophy.


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