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Re: Theos-World Re: Besant's Last Public Address

Jun 11, 2009 08:51 AM
by MKR

On 6/10/09, Cass Silva <> wrote:
> Can anyone direct me to the last known lecture/talk/publication of HPB
> Cass
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> >Sent: Wednesday, 10 June, 2009 6:27:47 PM
> >Subject: Theos-World Re: Besant's Last Public Address
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> >Dear Ramadoss,
> >
> >Thank you very much for the publication of Annie Besant's last public
> lecture. It is indeed very important and I would like to see Annie Besant in
> her prime years as the President of the TS commenting her own last lecture,
> which in my view actually displays all the reasons why should an old person
> who is slowly withdrawing into inner worlds represent strong voice of wisdom
> and advice but leave material affairs to younger people.
> >
> >Best regards,
> >Anton
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> >--- In theos-talk@yahoogro, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> >>
> >> There is always the question of how to spread Theosophy. The last public
> >> address of Annie Besant is a very elevating one and addresses this key
> >> question and what she has to say is applicable even today.
> >> .
> >> MKR
> >> .
> >> ----xxx----
> >> .
> >> The PresidentÃââs Address to Convention - 1931
> >> .
> >> Friends, the point I want to impress upon all of you to-day is that only
> as
> >> you live Theosophy can you spread Theosophy. It is not our words, it is
> our
> >> life, that affects people. And I want each one of you and all whom you
> have
> >> influence with to remember that the man who lives a Theosophical life is
> the
> >> best propagandist of Theosophical ideas. It is not our words that
> influence
> >> people so much as our lives; our lives if they are unselfish, pure,
> loving
> >> and helpful are the best propaganda of Theosophical ideas; for it is no
> good
> >> to talk Theosophy unless we live what we talk.
> >> .
> >> Also, although physically I am very weak, still I am glad it is not
> quite
> >> true that I am absent. I am here. After all, you know, we have got
> several
> >> bodies; you know that as a theory, don't you? And some of you, I
> daresay,
> >> now and then have various lively dreams, and you can do what you like in
> >> your dreams more than down here on the physical plane. That is literally
> >> true. The more you can use the higher bodies, the more you can help the
> >> people among whom you live.
> >> .
> >> Now you can only use the higher bodies by living Theosophy, so that
> every
> >> one of you in proportion as you live the Theosophical life, becomes an
> >> active propagandist for Theosophical ideals. Do not imagine that because
> you
> >> are not learned, because you do not know many foreign languages, you
> cannot
> >> influence people all over the world. You can; because they see your
> life,
> >> and they translate that life into their own language. If you do a kind
> thing
> >> and people see you do it, you do not have to tell them it is a kind
> >> thing-they will see it is, and they will say to others : " Oh, so and so
> is
> >> a Theosophist, so we know he will be helpful." Never mind a man's
> speech, it
> >> is his actions that matter. And if you can get that into your mind
> strongly,
> >> so that it influences you every day and all day long, you are not only
> >> helping those around you, you are teaching others how they can help by
> >> working on the higher planes of our being.
> >> .
> >> Most of you are afraid to trust yourselves; but that is a great mistake.
> The
> >> deeper you go into yourself, the more the real you can be trusted. The
> >> weakest among you physically may be very, very strong on the higher
> planes.
> >> Give everything you can, and there are plenty of Devas, as we call them,
> or
> >> fairies if you like that word better, who take up what you give. They
> >> understand it. They see us doing kind things all the time. They say:
> "Here
> >> are people who help others. We can help others by helping them" ; and
> they
> >> pour out their life to you who are willing to give it away. It is not
> what
> >> you hold on to that is your real character; that is your life that
> spreads
> >> its example every-where round, just as the rose sends out its fragrance
> much
> >> farther than it is able to spread the sight of its beauty.
> >> .
> >> Learn to trust the Divine in you. There lies your real strength. You are
> >> Divine. You don't want to look up to the skies to find the Divine; look
> into
> >> your own heart, and the Divine is alive in you. It is you who can send
> out,
> >> each of you round himself, the Life that comes from above. Do not be
> >> distrustful; that poisons your usefulness. Trust God in you more than
> you
> >> trust God up in the sky, or God down somewhere in the world you don't
> know
> >> where. Trust God in your own heart, and He is always with you, for your
> >> heart is always the Life in you, and that Life is Divine.
> >> .
> >> If only I could inspire you with what I know to be true - that the very
> best
> >> of us is when we pour out love to those around. You know the old story
> about
> >> one of the Apostles of the Christ who was very very old, older than I am
> >> now, over one hundred; and they used to carry him down every day to the
> >> meeting, and he could not talk to them but could send out his love to
> them.
> >> And his love went into their hearts and spread in every direction, and
> his
> >> most useful days were the days when he did not talk, but lived the God
> >> within him. And so, I say that to you, I say it to myself; often I speak
> to
> >> myself and say: " Oh, you old woman, what is the good of you? what can
> you
> >> do for people?" Then I answer: "Because very deep within me I am God,
> then I
> >> can do all things because I am Divine. Believe that as the reality, do
> not
> >> think of it only as dreams.
> >> .
> >> I am seeing here something I said to you here last year, that we are
> bound
> >> together by common ideals, and not by a common belief. It matters very
> >> little what you believe; it matters enormously what you are. What you
> are
> >> will improve what you say. There is no good talking unless you live
> better
> >> than you speak. Give the God in you a chance. Open your-self, and pour
> out
> >> to all around you. There must be somebody you can help-some child
> perhaps
> >> who is still perhaps not very strong on his feet. He tumbles down on the
> >> road. Do not say:ÃââSomebody ought to pick up that child.' Go and do it.
> Then
> >> somebody else will help another child, and presently everyone will be
> >> working away helping each other.
> >> .
> >> And so we shall learn how to love, which is the lesson we have to learn
> >> while we are here. It is just because the world is imperfect we can
> learn to
> >> help. We are not perfect creatures, but let us pour out love. Love is
> always
> >> good, even when sometimes its expression may be foolish. You see a baby
> >> tumble; as you run to help it never mind that your skirts may get
> muddied.
> >> Your skirts will wash; they will be cleaned; and when the angels look at
> >> them they will see them shining brightly because they are full of love.
> >> .
> >> Believe in the Self within you, the God within you, and then you will
> live
> >> the noblest life because it is a life of love.
> >> .
> >> I dare say I can come down a little every day, and if you love me a
> little I
> >> will get stronger. It is quite true what is said here, that I am doing a
> >> great deal at present out of sight. This body cannot do it, but that
> leaves
> >> my other bodies free to do more. I have got a lot of other bodies, and
> they
> >> are working away ever so hard. Just now I do not want to do so much down
> >> here, so I can do more up there. I shall keep pouring down on you. You
> think
> >> that now it is raining hard. That rain will presently come up in nice
> little
> >> green plants. That is what I want you to help me in, to make the world
> >> beautiful for others, Never mind about yourself. If we do not take care
> of
> >> ourselves, then the higher powers will take care of us. If we think of
> >> ourselves, they look at us, and They say, "He is not of much use, let us
> >> find somebody who is giving himself fully."
> >> .
> >> The real reason why my brother Charles and myself get along pretty well
> is
> >> that we are always trying to help each other. I help him, and he says,
> "What
> >> a nice creature she is!" Then he helps me, and I say, " What a fine man
> he
> >> is!" The best of us is always the Divine part. We must believe in
> ourselves.
> >> We cannot believe in God if we cannot believe in man.
> >>
> >> ---xxx---
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