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Fwd: [jcs-online] Re: translations/summarize/speculations

Jun 09, 2009 10:51 PM
by Leon Maurer

Here's an old letter I though might be of interest to some  
technically minded theosophists...

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Leon Maurer <>
> Date: February 5, 2008 5:04:00 PM EST
> To: Journal of consc Study forum <>
> Subject: Re: [jcs-online] Re: translations/summarize/speculations
> On Jan 22, 2008, at 1/22/085:07 PM, John McCrone wrote:
>> What lies outside the universe, the system, is noise in effect. And
>> so it is precisely something we would not want to credit with
>> organisation or crisp properties - like consciousness.
> [LM]
> But, logically, noise, which is random vibrational interference  
> patterns of *linear* cyclic motion (i.e., Brownian-like jitter)  
> could only exist in an underlying spatial medium that is  
> essentially motionless -- in order to establish a reference between  
> levels of noisiness and absolute quietness that can determine the  
> relative values of the varying amplitudes of the vibratory motion.   
> IOW, there cannot be any motion, random or otherwise, unless there  
> is a non moving medium of an absolute static *space* to energize  
> and contain or carry it. This would be mathematically equivalent to  
> the zero point of neutral or null (nonlinear) motion between each  
> extreme of (linear) cyclic vibratory motion in ANY spatial medium.
> It's perfectly obvious. then, that there can be no vibration or  
> motion without *something* to vibrate or move.  At the primal  
> beginning, outside of our physical spacetime -- that *something  
> would have to be the unconditioned or absolute, timeless and  
> dimensionless, absolute SPACE, from which ALL potential universes  
> can generate, involve, and evolve out of.
> Also, if phenomenal consciousness is "crisp," and not subject to  
> noise interference, then pure consciousness (subjectivity or  
> awareness, will, qualia, etc) must be a fundamental a priori  
> quality of that unconditioned absolute space -- along with the G- 
> force underlying the generation, linear expansion and fractal  
> involution of spherical metric spacetime... That also must have,  
> throughout it, an ubiquitous abstract or nonlinear cyclic motion...  
> Which ultimately generates all phenomenal spacetime containing all  
> matter-energy forms...  By following a sequential topological path  
> based on a spiral vortex Mobius-Klien geometry -- that results in a  
> multidimensional spacetime (like that of Kaluza-Klien) -- which  
> underlies all string physics theories of particulate mass-energy  
> formation.
> In my view, this fundamental subjective and objective basis of  
> every phenomena in the universe -- including the contents or  
> information of consciousness (that would have to be carried as  
> modulated wave interference patterns of the surfaces of such  
> electrodynamic spatial fields and their derivative metaphysical and  
> physical electromagnetic fields) along with all forms of  
> particulate matter-energy -- is the inherent a priori nature of  
> ubiquitous and ineffable absolute SPACE that generates, energizes  
> and enfolds everything. See:
> Incidentally, this dual origin of both consciousness and matter,  
> appears to underly and more or less confirm the Buddhist view of  
> "dependent origination."  Could that be why its psychology is so  
> far more insightful than western forms of cognitive psychology  
> based on reductive neuroscience and its neural correlates?
> Therefore,  we can say that the 'outside" or ground space -- which  
> originates, contains, and surrounds the universal metric spacetime  
> system --  must be essentially noise free and in perfect non linear  
> symmetry -- yet relatively forceful and potentially energetic (in  
> the form of nonlinear cyclic spin momentum)...  Which can be  
> initially impelled into actual linear space of potential mass- 
> energy phenomena -- by the intentional willed force of its pure  
> consciousness or subjective aspect.
> Obviously, no objective linear motion in our observable world  
> segment of the universe could be begun without the initial starting  
> impulse being ultimately traced back to a consciously willed  
> intention.  This fact could be extrapolated (with some stretch of  
> the imagination:-) to include ALL linear motion of the overall  
> universal space as well as of all the matter-energy forms within  
> it. Thus, confirming the panpsychism, and possibly, even the  
> overall spatial *intelligence* view of fundamental reality...   
> Which seems to eliminate all forms of mystical or
> This inherent fractally involved nature of absolute space is,  
> apparently, analogously replicated in each ZPE source of virtual  
> particle-wave-fields at the Planck level and also within each  
> phenomenal particle-wave form at the quantum level -- as well as in  
> and around all black hole singularities of galaxies and stars, down  
> through every organized form and sentient being throughout the  
> cosmos.  Thus, establishing the basis of the entire universe and  
> each structure within it, as essentially a hologram.
> I hope his makes sense, as a possibly new scientific paradigm that  
> seems to answer all the hard problems of consciousness-mind-brain- 
> body-world- etc. -- not to mention the possibility of its being the  
> underlying basis of an all encompassing unified field theory of  
> everything.
> All comments welcome.
> Best wishes,
> Leon Maurer

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