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More on the Mayans

Jun 07, 2009 06:04 PM
by Cass Silva

Mayan Calendar

âThe Vedic, Maya, and Hopi calendars all describe our current age as the fourth world. The Maya and Hopi calendars also describe the ending of a great age around the year 2000 (several Mayan calendar cycles end at winter solstice, 2012). Mayan cycles describe the Earth's Great Year (a ~24,000-year cycle caused by the Earth's wobble) as well as an additional rotation of our sun and galaxy around Alcyon, central star of the Pleiades. The Maya are one of many cultures (as far-flung as the Australian Aborigines, the ancient Greeks, and several Native American nations) with stories about the Pleiades.â[28] 
âIncredibly, at the early Maya site of Izapa in southern Mexico, the galactic cosmology and a profound spiritual teaching are preserved. Izapa speaks to us of the Galactic Alignment in 2012 as a transformative nexus in time, a still-point turnabout, inviting us to reconnect with our cosmic heart and eternal source.â[29] 
"The doctrine of the World's Ages (from Hindu Yugas) was imported into Pre-Columbian America ... the Mexican sequence is identical with the Hindus ...The essential fact remains that they were derived from a common source ... It would be ridiculous to assert that such a strange doctrine was of spontaneous origin in different parts of the Old and New Worlds."[30] Â
The above passage is a more exoteric view but nonetheless testifies to the origin of Mayan astronomy. These yugas contain other yugas within them, or cycles within cycles:

âThe Dvapara Yuga Âdiffers for each Race. All races have their own cycles, which fact causes a great difference. For instance, the Fourth Sub-Race Âof the Atlanteans Âwas in its Kali-Yug , when destroyed, whereas the Fifth was in its Satya or Krita Yuga. [Approximately 4 million years ago.] The Aryan ÂRace is now in its Kali Yuga [3,102 BC] , and will continue to be in it for 427,000 years longer, while various âfamily Races ,â called the Semitic , Hamitic, etc., are in their own special cycles. The forthcoming 6th Sub Race [of the Fifth Rootrace or 5.6] âwhich may begin very soonâwill be in its Satya (golden) age while we reap the fruit of our iniquity in our Kali Yuga.â[31] 
These dark and golden ages (Kali and Satya) overlap as one cycle finishes and another starts. The above statement is confirmed in the Puranas where Lord Krishna tells Ganga Devi that a Golden Age will come in the Kali Yuga. Lord Krishna predicted that this Golden Age will start 5,000 years after the begnning of the Kali Yuga, and will last for 10,000 years.
The exact astronomical date in 2,012 is something that the general public tend to get somewhat fixated upon, creating confusion, fear and much futile speculation; this is a perennial problem and other âsignificant datesâ, including the yearly cycle of eclipses, that continually attract superstitious and uninformed reactions. John Major Jenkins, a leading scholar of the Mayan Calendar, has the following to say:

âSo, in point of fact, we have a previous testimonial of Don Alejandro, from an interview he did with reporters that was published as "The Mayan Worldview of the Universe" by Patrisia Gonzales and Roberto Rodriguez, Universal Press Syndicate. The Denver Post, January 2, 2000. In it, we read:
"Based on thousands of years of astronomical observation, a cataclysm is indeed predicted by indigenous elders, as opposed to "prophesized." No one is predicting that at the strike of midnight, Dec, 20, 2012, the world will end. Instead, Mayan elders predict that the cataclysm can occur within a year or 100 yearsâand the cause would be something astronomical as opposed to metaphysical."
[Jenkins continuesâ] I've always agreed with this idea, that we should think of the 2012 end date as being a "zone" stretching on the order of decades. I don't agree with the above view that the end date is only an astronomical event, for the physical dimension and the metaphysical (or spiritual) dimension unfold in parallel. We further read in the interview that: 

"We don't know what will happen in the next few days or in the next 12 years. What we do know is that it wouldn't hurt to listen to the worlds of Don Alejandro who said that on Dec. 20, 2012 Mother Earth will pass inside the center of a magnetic axis and that it may be darkened with a great cloud for 60 or 70 hours and that because of environmental degradation, she may not be strong enough to survive the effects. 'It will enter another age, but when it does, there will be great and serious events. Earthquakes, marimotos (tsunamis), floods, volcanic eruptions, and great illness on the planet Earth. Few survivors will be left.'"
[Jenkins continuesâ] âThus, beginning on December 20, as stated, the events stretch almost three full days ("60 or 70 hours") through December 21st. The Earth passing "inside the center of a magnetic axis" is a striking description and sounds like the way I described the alignment in the last chapter to Maya Cosmogenesis 2012. "Darkened by a great cloud" almost sounds like a reference to the dark-rift in the Milky Way. Notice the difference between this conception of "earth in the darkness" and my alignment description â where I describe it as the sun passing through the dark-rift, through the "galactic axis," with different magnetic or gyroscopic effects on either side. I suppose Don Alejandro's wording works fine, it's just a translation or interpretation of where the effect is really to be felt (on Earth, ultimately) â

"He [Carlos] said Mayan Daykeepers view the Dec. 21, 2012 date as a rebirth, the start of the World of the Fifth Sun. It will be the start of a new era resulting from and signified by the solar meridian crossing the galactic equator, and the earth aligning itself with the center of the galaxy. At sunrise on December 21, 2012 for the first time in 26,000 years the Sun rises to conjunct the intersection of the Milky Way and the plane of the ecliptic. This cosmic cross is considered to be an embodiment of the Sacred Tree, The Tree of Life, a tree remembered in all the world's spiritual traditions. Some observers say this alignment with the heart of the galaxy in 2012 will open a channel for cosmic energy to flow through the earth, cleansing it and all that dwells upon it, raising all to a higher level of vibration.""[33] 

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