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Betty Bland's Comments on elections

Jun 05, 2009 10:51 PM
by MKR

Betty Bland's Comments on machinations of elections
Betty Bland, President (National Secretary) of the American Section of
TS(Adyar), in cyberspace, recently stated:
"Although no one is contesting the outcome of the 2008 presidential
election, the problem remains that the machinations of the international
elections are unsound."
When I read the above statement, I was confused as many other members were.
Before we parse the above, let us remind ourselves that Betty is the elected
leader of the second largest National Section of TS(Adyar) and she took a
very active part in the last election. Soon after the candidate she
supported lost the election, she was the one who sent the ultra secret
proposal to the GC to seize control of the presidency by disenfranchising
members world-wide and to make GC appoint the president. This was seen by
many as an end run after the candidate who opposed the sitting president was
defeated. This was because, already the GC has the monopoly to nominate the
candidates and the disenfranchisement move would empower the GC to appoint
the president, thus make the president a puppet of the GC. Thank God, the
move was discovered in time and with the help of Internet, members
world-wide learnt the secret move and world-wide member outrage at the power
grab stopped it.
In democratic elections, once the election is over, everyone joins in
supporting the winner and get on with the task on hand. Of course, within a
short time after the results are announced, the losing candidate(s) can
always challenge the results if there are any valid grounds.
Not being an English scholar or teacher, the word "machinations" did not
sound good to me. Hence, I checked the on-line dictionary. Here is what I
Machination - Noun:
"a scheming or crafty action or artful design intended to accomplish some
usually evil end"
I was stunned to read the above definition. I am sure many of the readers as
When a comment like the above comes from a highly respected and responsible
theosophical leader, it is a very serious one. Members have a right to
demand an explanation as to what were the scheming or crafty actions, or
artful design, what they were intended to accomplish?
Due to the open nature of Internet, comments such as the above end up in
Wiki and when prospective members see such comments, it would give a pause
because they would be confused when they see the main Object of TS
(Brotherhood) and the Motto of TS (Truth).
I hope that Betty, quickly puts out a public statement, preferably a Press
Release to clarify what she meant along with evidentiary information and
data justifying her cyberspace comment.
There is no religion higher than truth
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