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Re: Theos-World New TS Election Issue

Jun 01, 2009 10:40 PM
by Augoeides-222

Interesting, nice to see all this musical entertainment there, I knew there was a good reason for all those boats lol! All we need now is around 16,000 saxophones to teach Theosophists how to cooperate together in a unified purpose and goal. It could become the worlds largest Phantom of the Opera Band and create good publicity for Theosophy everywhere. Lol! I used to enjoy crewing as a camera man and switcher director for the annual Jazz Jubilee here, lots of different Jazz Musician's and Bands played, and we aired the final product on the Tv channel here. The Jazz Society benefited by selling VHS Tapes of the final Programs we Produced to support the annual program. And for several years I participated in our Jazz Concerts and Musical Concerts in the Parks Program here, it was lots of Volunteer work. The Lyre of Orpheus at grass rootrs level lol! 


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Augeoides, I found a whole saxband today in my crossings at Amsterdam :) 
Check it out here: 
The Phantom of the Opera ( chuck shut up, you are already undercover, lol ) 

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If I remember correctly the difference of opinion was whether Rukmini was 

only mildly nuts or completely insane. 

At that time there were still a number of very old, but also very 

influential people in the TS who remembered her bizarre performance in 1925 at the 

Star Camp in Ommen and everyone remembered that she had been married to 

George Arundale. It was said that with her defeat the stain of that period 

had been washed from the TS leadership. 

Chuck the Heretic 

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New TS Election Issue 


After the election results were announced last year, the losing side made 

allegations about the election which were later proven to be wrong. Having 

failed to win the election where members world-wide voted for their 

candidate, an end run was made by secretly attempting to seize the power to 

appoint the president not satisfied with the present monopoly of GC 

selecting the candidates. But for the Internet and early discovery of the 

move and membership outcry, it would have been an fait accompli and members 

could do nothing. No public apology was forthcoming from those behind this 

blatant attempt. Many thought that, GC members will move on. No, it was not 

to be. We witnessed the cleavage shown in the GC meeting held in December 



Now comes another piece of interesting information from one of the 

supporters of the defeated candidate, which I quote - "For example, the 

international presidential contest in 1980, when Radha Burnier won over 

Rukmini Devi, was also fraught with differences of opinion." 


How many of you have heard of this differences of opinion? I have not seen 

any comments from either Rukmini Devi or her supporters or for that matter 

from anyone inside TS or outside TS. 


What are the details of the differences? It would be interesting to know, 

because we do not want to see unsubstantiated statements thrown out which 

may sully the election procedures which have stood the test of time and may 

cast a shadow of doubt on the legitimacy of the now sitting president. 


We who believe There is No Religion Higher than Truth, should search for 

Truth when such serious statements are seen. 





There is No Religion Higher than Truth 

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