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Re: Theos-World Re: why did Blavatsky make so many mistakes? why?

Apr 30, 2009 06:18 PM
by Cass Silva

Blavatsky was opposed to what she saw as "State Religions'
and which is now drawing support from the wider community.

Answer me this Anand  "Do you believe in Satan"?

Perhaps the root of the problem lies in a seeming inability on
your part to understand and differentiate the core meanings
of her teaching.  I have heard it said that one often rebukes
what one does not understand.  Perhaps you are laying the
blame at the wrong persons feet?

That which the former did in India, Jesus repeated in Palestine. Buddhism was a passionate reactionary protest against the phallic worship that led every nation first to the adoration of a personal God, and finally to black magic, and the same object was aimed at by the Nazarene Initiate and prophet. Buddhism escaped the curse of black magic by keeping clear of a personal male God in its religious system; but this conception reigning supreme in the so-called monotheistic countries, black magic--the fiercer and stronger for being utterly disbelieved in by its most ardent votaries, unconscious perhaps of its presence among them--is drawing them nearer and nearer to the maëlstrom of every nation given to sin, or to sorcery, pure and simple. 
No Occultist believes in the devil of the Church, the traditional Satan; every student of Occultism and every Theosophist believes in black magic, and in dark, natural powers present in the worlds, if he accept the white or divine science as an actual fact on our globe. Therefore one may repeat in full confidence the remark made by Cardinal Ventura on the devil--only applying it to black magic:
The greatest victory of Satan was gained on that day when he succeeded in making himself denied.
It may be said further, that "Black magic reigns over Europe as an all-powerful, though unrecognized, autocrat," its chief conscious adherents and practical servants being found in the Roman Church, and its unconscious practitioners in the Protestant. The whole body of the so-called "privileged" classes of society in Europe and America is honeycombed with unconscious black magic, or sorcery of the vilest character.



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Subject: Theos-World Re: why did Blavatsky make so many mistakes? why?

Daniel, According to you Blavatsky opposed Christianity because she did not accept ideas of 'orthodox, literalist' Christianity. I ask which religion conforms with Theosophy in every way? There are big difference between Hinduism and Theosophy, there are big differences between Buddhism and Theosophy. Then Blavatsky should be against all religions. 

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> Blavatsky's apparent opposition to Christianity seems strange. Christianity is, to much extent, consistent with Indian spiritual teachings. If she loved Buddhism so much, why didn't she found Theosophical Society in Buddhist China? There are many differences between Indian Hinduism and Buddhism. Buddhism is not accepted much in India.

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