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Re: Theos-World In Search of the Primordial Tradition and the Cosmic Christ....

Apr 30, 2009 05:37 PM
by Cass Silva

According to tradition - the overshadowed can only
maintain this energy for a period of 1-3 years, so
how do you explain Maitreya's overshadowing on
this timeframe?  


From: Antonio/Tony None <>
Sent: Thursday, 30 April, 2009 6:33:05 PM
Subject: Re: Theos-World In Search of the Primordial Tradition and the Cosmic Christ....

Hi D,

This is an interesting topic and one which i have studied for many years. I have kept my eye on the ball so to speak regarding the changes around the world and they way specific events tie into this philosophy or ideal. 

The Cosmic Christ in my opinion is none other than Maitreya. The World teacher and unifer.

Maitryea is amongst us now, living in London and yet to reveal himself to the world. I believe that Maitreya is an energy that overshadows individuals. In the past many prophetic individuals like Christ, Buddah, Mohammed, Khrishna and so have all been overshadowed by Maitreya. 

In our time i feel that the shell (Person) Maitreya will eventually overshadow is amongst us now and has experienced progressivly stronger and more intense overshadowing' s during his/her life.

The remnents of Maitreya's visits unto this shell has allowed the individual person who will eventually be known as the world teacher to use his/her inner/third eye to prepare themselves for the final overshadowing. 

With Maitreya's energies this individual will become connected to the source you speak of. Be it the path the tao or as Mr Lucas would prefer to call it, the force...

In any event this energy would allow that particular individual to see all life like neo in the matrix. Not green lines of 1 and 0's but more to the point the true fabric or make up of all existence. With this vision he will be able to correct the unaligned properties which at present at responsible for the chaos in this world.

I also beleive he will prepare us all for an allagorical armeggedon. Perhaps not so much on the physical plane but most certainly on the spiritual. Thus allowing us to remove our inner evils/Djinns/ or devils and become consciously aware in the process. This awareness will ultimatly put the planet in synch and as a result we will have a global consciousness and thus the new world order will become a positive reality unifying all under one religion one currency one body of government with Maitreya at the head of this government. Maitryea will
be working alongside a group of masters who have been preparing for his/her coming and who will work alongside Maitreya to correct the balance of the world and bring us out of the age of pisces (christ-Individuali sm) and bring us into the age of aquarius (Maitreya-Synchroni city). 

This will be aided by our current government through a planned apocolypse which is needed as a catalyst for change into a new form of consciousness. 

I feel project Blue Beam will be at the heart of this theatricle and will be televised by the world as we see a cataclysm of falling comets, Planet x/Nibiru arriving and becoming brighter both day and night in the sky and the visitation of extra terrestrial life. (Annunaki, Nephilim, realians, Angels). 

This leaves us with the identy of Maitreya and the means with which he/she will show themselves to the world. My personally beleive is that he will arrive via music. This art form touches the masses like no other form of energy and i truely believe he/she will be readying the world with an album of deeply spiritual significance. On this album he/she will bring knowledge to the world and a declaration that he/she is the new age chirst/Maitreya.

You may ask me why i believe this...well I have been working on my Album entitled Maitreya (The Falling Away) for the last 9 months and this has been and ongoing process which started when i was at the tender age of 13 i am now 33 the age christ was when he fulfilled prophecy. I am also an Aquarian and I live in london. On June the 22nd (Solar Eclipse) My album will be delivered to all places of Spiritual worship, to local media and to parts of the music industry. This will potentially start a snowball effect and thus my emergence onto the world stage will begin. However this will be down to the people of the world and if they are actually ready to accept this eventuality before it is too late.

With Peace and Love Antonio.

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Subject: Theos-World In Search of the Primordial Tradition and the Cosmic Christ....
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Date: Thursday, 30 April, 2009, 3:12 AM

"In Search of the Primordial Tradition and the Cosmic Christ:

Uniting World Religious Experience With a Lost Esoteric Christianity"

by John Rossner

In this book the reader will be presented with the case for the

existence - throughout the ancient world - of a widespread belief in

(1) a Primordial Tradition of primal wisdom derived from the higher

forms of human mystical and psychical experience, and (2) the cult of

a universal "God-Man" or pre-existent "Cosmic Christ," based upon

visionary and intuitive experiences which helped to stimulate the

very birth of Christianity as a world-religion.

The Primordial Tradition is like the "Sanatana Dharma" of the Hindus,

the "Living Torah" of the mystical Jews, the "Tao" of the Chinese,

the "Path" of the Sufis, or the "Way, Truth and Life" of Jesus in the

Christian gospels. It is found in every religion and can be owned

exclusively by none. It has left its traces as "sparks among the

stubble" in varied forms and in various degrees of luminosity in all

human cultures. Its scattered fragments of primal insight and

intuitive wisdom may be found by those who have eyes to see and ears

to hear.

There is evidence that a now-lost esoteric Christianity, complete

with belief in a pre-existent, archetypical "God-Man" or "Cosmic

Christ," was once understood by its founder (Jesus) and earliest

fashioner (Paul) as a particular synthesis of the larger Primordial

Tradition, which had already long entered the mainstream of sectarian

Jewish mystical consciousness. Jesus might thus be viewed as an heir

of the mystery traditions of Egypt, Persia and Greece, and of the

wisdom traditions of India, as well as an heir of the "Law and the

Prophets" of Israel.

The Primordial Tradition is not merely an ancient system of belief

and practice to be found in its entirety in any one or several

historical cultures. It is, rather, a whole set of archetypical

realities waiting to be discovered, at the highest reaches of the

human consciousness, by all people. Similarly the lost esoteric

Christianity, which often seems to elude ordinary modern

practitioners of organized, "exoteric" forms of the Christian

religion, is to be found - like Jesus' description of the Kingdom of

God itself - deep within the psyche (soul) of the seeker.

For a picture of the cover plus ordering information, see:

http://blavatskyarc jesuschrist. htm#rossner

See other titles at:

http://blavatskyarc jesuschrist. htm

See also:

Lost Christianities: The Battles for Scripture and the Faiths We

Never Knew by Bart D. Ehrman

http://blavatskyarc Ehrmanbibliograp hy.htm#Lost

And other recommended readings on Christianity at:

http://blavatskyarc Ehrmanbibliograp hy.htm

I am currently working on a list of other books that deal

specifically with Esoteric Christianity.


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