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Re: Individuals who did much damage to Theosophical movement

Apr 29, 2009 10:52 PM
by Pedro Oliveira

--- In, "Joseph P. Fulton" <jpfulton314@...> wrote:

> b)  From all appearances, based on your prior comments, harm seems to consist of contradicting CW Leadbeater.  Does disagreeing with Leadbeater's teaching automatically render one untheosophical?

Thank you, Joe, for your sobering remarks. I equally deplore Anand's unjustified attack on long-standing workers for The Theosophical Movement. Perhaps he would like to take issue with Leadbeater's remarks quoted below. 

"Our attitude to Theosophy should, I think, be thus characterised:

(1) We must not exchange the blind belief in the authority of the Church for an equally blind faith in personal Theosophical teachers.

(2) We must preserve an open mind and an intelligently receptive attitude.

(3) We should accept as working hypotheses the truths which are given to us, and should set to work to prove them for ourselves."

(Source: "The Attitude of the Enquirer" by C. W. Leadbeater, The Adyar Bulletin, February 1911)


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