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Re: Theos-World Master's visit to Ernest Wood

Apr 29, 2009 09:40 PM
by Drpsionic

I just asked the Master about that and he said that he was meaning to visit 
 John but the FAA had grounded all flying carpets for emergency maintenance 
and  then he just got so busy with other things that he has not had time to 
get  around to it.
Chuck the Heretic
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Ernest Wood, a well known writer and lecturer, came to India from England  
a young man and gave prime of his life full-time working for the TS. He  is
known to be in touch with a Master and the book Seven Rays was based on  the
material he got directly from the Master and the information contained  in 
was original and the book was written in a weekâs time. After Annie  Besant
died, he ran against George Arundale, another Englishman and  Arundale was
elected to succeed Besant.

After the election, a Master  visited him and thanked him for his services.
Here is what Wood has written  about the Masterâs visit:

One afternoon, as I was about to enter  the bathroom to wash my hands (I had
been gardening) I was told by an inner  voice to go at once to the library.
When I arrived there I found the Master  standing near the table, and the
whole room throbbing â as it appeared to  me â with his aura. He thanked 
for himself and his colleagues, for what  I had done in connection with the
election. I record.

It is  to be noted that the thanks was both from the Master himself and  his
colleagues (Lodge). We may recall that a master wrote to APS  that
ingratitude is not one of their vices.

The above incident made  me think. We had a recent election in which another
well known leader was  defeated by the sitting president.

I am wondering if he was visited by  any Master after his election defeat. 
so, it would be interesting to  know the msg conveyed to him. If a Master 
not visit, did any other  entity visit him â there are many entities in the
invisible world, who are  active. We have not heard anything so far.
Theosophists would enjoy any  information on this.

Next question is, if no Master visited him, is any  message being sent by 


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