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Fwd: Theos-World To Govert: Part 3: Theosophical SOURCE Material

Apr 29, 2009 09:33 AM
by Augoeides-222

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Thanks for your comments and reply. Well years ago I also bought Higgin's "Celtic Druids" and it had really splendid ink scetch drawings of Stonehenge and other standing stone arrays throughout England. I agree Gerald Massey's Natural Genesis and other works are very worthy of attention. I couldn't force myself to pay the price they wanted for his Natural Genesis though. I always wished I had gotten it anyway. BTW, I keep mis-stating Dunlap's full name it is "Samuel Fales Dunlap", I keep thinking Charles by mistake. 

Google Books is wonderfull. Members here should try to use it, search by Title or Author. Once the Author list appears it then gives you the Option to refine the list by using "This Author Only" Option. They do have a good number of Theosoiphical works by numerous Theosophical Members of note. Yesterday I run into Isaac Preston Cory's work and downloaded it free to my documents. Dunlap's "The Ghebers of Hebron" is also a free download. 

Here is a free E-book site that has a large inventory of UFO Authors free for download, Van Tassels "Council of the Seven Lights", "Inside the Flying Saucers", "Steps To The Stars - Daniel P. Fry", and many hard to find out of print other UFO Books. 

Exopolitics - Free Online Books 



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Fascinating John, thank you for this, again, fascinating post. Your observationas about the depths of knowledge these ancient authors, scholars in fact, possessed, indeed, before the internet, phones and such, I have often thought about myself. It is, well, incredible. 

I often thought the same about Massey's trilogy, of which I have only read 'The Natural Genesis'. It is as if these authors did not spill a word, let alone a sentence. Each line is a rich fund of information, something that the modern presentations don't even know how to accomplish anymore. 

Compared to their knowledge, most modern day authors seem shallow, superficial and quite forgettable. 



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> Govert, 
> Well, as I said I read it in the 1977+ period so I don't have a strong recall of details that I had in my thought back then. But It ivery replete of his quiry into the origins and transformations of place names of locations, cities of antiquity, the names and permutations of tribes. peoples, gods, religious reverences. He has a unusual view of the Afganistan culture and has a good deal of interest of the locations of Solomons Temples he beleives were present in India and Afganistan. He preomens the anthopological modren position in regards to the spread of mankind from Africa by Black peoples. He has acticulated much on origins of the Alphabets and who was first in his research view as well as numbers, gemetria, esoterica initiate usages of the letters and numbers. The work is well indexed with a prolithic index as a help to readers. He publishes in his research on Cycles the correlate to what is called today "The Saros Cycle" as a recurrent period of 666 years (page 180, Bk 1)that is also integral to the "Savior Cycle" sequences.His work also renders information on the"Beth-Luis-Nion" Tree Alphabet and the Dance of the Tree's so well explained lter in Robert Graves White Goddess which I absolutely love. Because I was simultaeniously deeply involved in the Brian Scott UFO encounter for the period 1976-81I read in part looking for data that could reveal information that was given in regards to Egypt, Delphi, Dodona, Stonehenge. Tiahuanaco, Toro Muerto, Jerusalem, and other locations that were stated. 
> I found his work to be a challenge to read being of such girth and breadth of contents it competes strongly with the SD. At the same period I was reading the works of Charles Fales Dunlap , Sod-The Son of Man, The Spirit History of Man these works being very pronounced with the root origins of names, places epistemologically in cultures as with Higgins they complemented each other. Another work was "The Oriental Trinity" of Vaughan that traced the spread of the Trinity to the west from India. 
> Higgins work as wih Blavatsky indulges heavily with the distintive definitions of the Christ , Christos, Chresterion and other variation and distinct different meanings of these words in greek and other languages and cultures in locations, times, peoples, religious and common as well as esoteric usages parrellel to Blavatsky later in her works. I could easily cognize this as I read his work to her Isis and SD. It was quite thrilling to so the remarkable unity of thought even though the warp and weaves is unique to the authors the mind stream is focused. Higgins forced me to try to learn greek Alphabet and be able to do some direct reading. I highly recommend the Anacalypsis for reading, study, and comparitive partner to the works of HPB it iis a unique compilation. Where Blavatsky may have given only a gloss Higgins may have given a mini-chapter. Higgins devotes much to thew ancient system of Symbols when used for religious, esoteric or initiate purposes, again he is a strong complement in his own way to HPB. 
> I wondered when reading his monumental work how in his time of early 1800's did he find ways to gather such an emmense volumes of meaning and knowledge when they had not the means we do today. It occurred to me onmorethan one occassion that authors of the past possessing so much less means were so profoundly deep in depth of research when compared to todays shallow presentments. The had no internet, telephones, quick travel, ease of meeting, or even health yet so many back then gathered emmense knowledge they is so useful even if they were mistaken in their assessments at times the totality of data they managed to present is truely remarkable. I am so glad there were and are people like Dr. Hotema of Health Research and Kissenger Press that managed to keep things around for the Seekers of Truth in todays world. 

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