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Blavatsky on T.S. vs Esoteric Section (Part 3)

Apr 28, 2009 11:12 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

Dear friends

My views are:

Blavatsky on T.S. vs Esoteric Section (Part 3)

H. P. Blavatsky said:
"All know that this end was in view when the Society was established, and even in its mere unpledged ranks there was a possibility for development and knowledge, until it began to show want of real union; and now it must be saved from future dangers by the united aim, brotherly feeling, and constant exertions of the members of this Esoteric Section. Therefore, anyone who has signed the pledge without realizing this is earnestly recommended to reconsider his position, and to withdraw unless he is prepared to devote himself to the carrying out of this purpose. Once offered the grand example of practical altruism, of the noble lives of those who learn to master the great knowledge but to help others, and who strive to acquire powers but to place them at the service of their fellow-men, the whole theosophical community may yet be steered into action, and led to follow the example set before them.
The Esoteric Section is thus "set apart" for the salvation of the whole Society, and its course from its first steps will be an arduous and uphill work for its members, though a great reward lies behind the many obstacles once they are overcome. He who wants to follow the working of his inner self and nature for the purpose of self-mastery, has to understand them by comparison; he has to strive to fathom the mysteries of the human heart in general, before he can hope to learn the whole truth about the mysteries of his own soul. The power of Occult self-introspection is too limited in its area if it does not go beyond the Self, and the investigation of isolated instances will remain forever fruitless if we fail to work it out on firmly established principles. We cannot do good to ourselves--on a higher plane--without doing good to others, because each nature reacts upon other natures; nor can we help others without this help benefiting ourselves.
Disappointment is sure to come to those who have joined this Section for the purpose of learning "magic arts" or acquiring "occult training" for themselves, quite regardless of the good of other people less determined. 

Abnormal, artificially-developed powers--except those which crown the efforts of a Black Magician--are only the culmination of, and reward for, labours bestowed unselfishly upon humanity, upon all men, whether good or bad.Forgetfulness of the personal Self and sincere altruism are the first and indispensable requisites in the training of those who are to become "White Adepts" either in this or a future incarnation.
If any member of this Section agrees to all this, and yet says to himself that, notwithstanding what is said, he will seek for the knowledge for himself, caring little--provided he acquires the powers--as to whether he shall end as a Black or White Adept, let him know that disaster awaits him much sooner than he thinks, and that, although he tries to conceal his motive, it will be known and shall cause a reaction upon him which no one will be able to avert."
(C.W. XII, p. 478-511)


M. Sufilight comments:
Dear friends...Please listen because I ask you sincerely...What can we learn from the these words in all these three e-mails with words from Blavatsky about the T.S. versus the Esoteric Section?

Can we n ot conclude and learn that without an Esoteric Section the T.S. will not succeed?
And if T.S. is no good Blavatsky and Master will have to shake it of like dust from her feet?

HPB said about the T.S.:
"Let it break away from the original lines and show disloyalty in its policy to the CAUSE and the original programme of the Society, and H.P.B. calling the T.S. disloyal, will shake it off like dust from her feet."

And let each member of the T. S. remember these words!
Let the readers take these words to their Hearts and reconsider their behaviour.

Quality members are very very important and not just members whose moral and motive even might be false or devious, and moreso leading members who for years have been working behind the scenes to lead the T.S. astray etc. etc.

M. Sufilight

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