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Elvira Carbonell

Apr 24, 2009 09:14 PM
by MKR

In a msg I posted on Oct 12, 2008, I wrote the msg at the bottom..

On further pondering over the nomination of non-candidate, it is very
unlikely that the whole thing developed on the spur of the last moment.
Considering the players involved, a lot of planning and coordination may
have been going on for up to a year. Who are the individuals who were active
in the background, we are yet to know.

The International Secretary's office handles a lot of sensitive and secret
communication from around the world. As Elvira was the assistant to the Intl
Secretary, she would have had access to all of them. So she is one person
who has first hand knowledge of all the matters relating to the nomination
of the candidates.

Since posting of message, we know Elvira is employed in Olcott. One of the
active participants here may want to talk to her and find out more details
of matters she was witness to. It would be very educative and informative to
all of us.


++++My Message of  Oct 12, 2008+++++
Carbonell is from Los Angeles, CA, and was the assistant to the Intl Secy as
such handling a lot of very sensitive information and people in such
positions should stay clear of any political issues, otherwise it is fatal
to them. So she was not in a position to influence election. Some one or a
group used her as a tool for their own ends. It is not unusual for
politicians to use someone else for their own objectives and TS members are
exception to it. It appears that she was recently sighted in Wheaton and no
one is talking. She is one person who knows all that went behind the scenes
and knows who the real players are and what they were doing during the

Your point regarding the email traffic between the leaders is on target. I
have wrote about how there are two groups - one officials and the other
members like you and me. And with all the talk about modern communication,
Internet etc, they talk to each other within the group and not with members
either, As I pointed out several times, on this public list, in the last
decade, I have seen only two national leaders participating, which simply
tells the mindset of the leaders in general. No one seems to care except for
their own positions and power.

All the current troubles started when we received a personal form letter
from our leader in the USA telling the members of the poor health of Radha
and urging us to defeat her. When contradicting info was available, no
effort was made to keep the members informed of this. We expect
evenhandedness from theosophists. Also Joy took the trouble to write about
her views to the GC, but when the above contradicting info was not
distributed, where was she? She never said a word. She could have come out
and asked one of us to post a message here.

Lastly, the straw that broke the camels back is the secret proposal to take
away our direct voting rights, which fortunately for us, became known to the
world because of Internet. You do not make fundamental changes in any
membership democratic organization with out members participation and
support. The secret attempt simply shows the mindset. With this mindset, you
do not know what else is cooking behind the closed doors and how can anyone
trust the decisions of leaders.

So we have to be extra vigilant, lest by trickery or otherwise we are all


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