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Re: Theos-World Online: Tracing the Source of Tibetan Phrases

Apr 22, 2009 09:21 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

My views are:

Pari-Jong is Paro Dzong in Buthan. (Search Paro. There are photos of the interior of the place, monastery etc.)

The Mahatma Letters special ink use:
"The physical appearance of the letters also needs to be explained. In many of the documents apparently written in blue pencil, the writing is built up not of normal pencil strokes, but of thin, diagonal lines, spaced with extreme precision. Harrison has tried to imitate the effect by writing with the paper supported on ribbed bookcloth, but failed to get the same clean, sharp effect. As regards letters apparently written in black ink, the writing seems to be within the paper rather than on the surface; the ink has not faded and there is little ink penetration even where thin rice paper is used. This contrasts with the ordinary writing inks of the period, which generally fade in the course of a century to brown or yellow or even complete invisibility, as well as penetrating right through thin paper. In some letters corrections have been made; erasures seem to have been made with a chemical ink eradicator, yet there is no staining or roughening of the paper. (BSPR 31-2, 45-6; see also MTL 109-22; BTT 222-99.) "

M. Sufilight

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  Dear friends,

  I am sending you a link to an intersting article:

  Tracing the Source of
  Tibetan Phrases 

  Found in Mahatma Letters 

  Antonios Goyios


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