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Apr 20, 2009 10:34 PM
by t_s_theosophist


It certainly takes no degree of clairvoyance to realize that a certain group of General Secretaries, labeled "The Quartet" has been playing "Dirty Politics." Anyone with a Clear and Perceptive Mind can see this. 

First....An attempt to depict Radha Burnier as physically & mentally unfit to hold office, contrary to the medical evidence of three reputable physicans. 

Second...A clandestine attempt to dis-enfranchise T.S. members from voting. 

Third...An untrue and unwarranted attack on the veracity of the Indian Section, with no evidence to substantiate the allegations. 

Fourth ...An attempt to disrupt the business of the General Council meeting. 

And Now a passive/agressive promotion to bias the membership against Adyar. 

In the note below, M.K. Ramadoss raises a profound question which is on the minds of not only many Theosophists but also the internet public at large. 

I would also add: What is the Karma of Silence when confronted with the Sinister and unmoral activity that The "Quartet" has been and continues to promote? 


William Delahunt 



>From what I understand, Krotona residents are long-time dedicated members of TS and I am also told that they are also members of esoteric section. 

Many of the residents are past and present theosophical leaders, lecturers and writers. So, rookie members assume that the cream of wisdom resides there. 

For ordinary members who have been following the events since the beginning of the international election last year, the silence of members at Krotona is a real puzzle. 

There was the spreading of the untruth about Radha Burnier's health by some leaders world-wide. Even after this untruth was proven false, the leaders took no action to fix their earlier allegations. 

Then came the unproven allegations of procedural errors in the election in India. 

Final bombshell was the ultra secret attempt to seize control of presidency by disenfranchising members world-wide, which was fortunately discovered in time and broadcast over Internet and TS was saved from a disaster. 

During all of the above, we did not hear a single word of protest against any of the above from any of the leaders " past and present" residing at Krotona. 

Is the above behaviour a reflection of the fear of the consequences of calling a spade a spade or they do not see what was going on? 

We have read in the historical accounts, men and women losing even their lives in their 
fight for Truth. Are we seeing the real effects of Kali Yuga? 

Rookie and ordinary members are really perplexed. 

M.K. Ramadoss 

There is no religion higher than truth 



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