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Conflicting Claims & Beliefs: What happens after death???

Apr 15, 2009 02:43 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Are Theosophists/Theosophical students
totally inclusive and non-judgmental when
it comes to various teachings, for example,
about life after death?

Do any of the Theosophical groups promote
fully inclusive discussions and study of
ALL the following views about life after
death? Or do these groups actually "promote"
ONLY some of these views?

Do Theosphists and Theosophical groups
(by featuring only one or two views)
in fact promote exclusive and judgmental views
about life after death?

See BELOW the wide variety of views out there on
what happens to a human being after death:


What happens to you, your loved ones,
your friends at death?....

There are persons who tell you
that you have only one life to live and after
that, you go either to heaven or hell, to enjoy
heavenly delights for all eternity or
to suffer forever in hell.

There are those who tell you that you
have only one life to live and after that,
you will enter either the kingdom of God which will
be this physical world reborn or you will
be (as a soul) utterly destroyed and annihilated
in Gehenna.

There are those who tell you that science
shows that there is no life after death.
Once our physical body is dead, our psychological
life also ceases. We are merely material physical
entities and the concept of a soul is sheer nonsense.

There are those who tell you that this is
the first life of many "lives", but that our
future lives with all be in higher non-physical realms.

There are those who tell you that we live
many lives besides this life, but that many
of these lives are actually on other planets
in our solar system or even on other star systems.

There are those who tell you that there is
a ceaseless round of births, deaths and rebirths
for each of us but that we will be trapped
in these lower worlds UNTIL we find a true
physical guru who can help us to escape this suffering
round of births and deaths.

There are those who tell you that we don't
need to reincarnate after death in another
physical body in this world, but that we
can choose any kind of life we want. We need
only to believe it's true and it is!

There are those who tell you that we belong
to different group souls and that we will NOT
necessarily exist after the death of our physical
body as a separate entity but will be absorbed
back into the group soul. The essence
of our being will merge with the group soul.

And the list goes on....

Even in Theosophical literature, there are many
conflicting and contradictory ideas and teachings
depending on the Theosophical book you happen to read.

Where lies the "truth" in this morass of beliefs, claims
and counterclaims?


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