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Re: Theos-World Re: Hello everyone and a question for Keith

Apr 14, 2009 02:51 PM
by Augoeides-222

There is the special "17" day again. 

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Dear Simon 

Power hungry ex-politicians are unlikely to transmit any truth. 

Mary resigned as International Secretary in August 2008, she 
avoided telling me why she resigned and I didn't press her for 
an answer. Her job had become more difficult after she lost 
her assistant, and as she didn't use the computer in the office 
she had to rely on others for receiving and answering email. 

Mary continued to work at Adyar, doing proof reading for TPH, 
she had not been asked to leave and could have continued for the 
rest of her life. Each morning she would meet me at the office to 
see if I had any more questions, she was certainly a great help to 
me, for which I am extremely grateful. Many of us tried to 
persuade her to stay, but she had made up her mind to go, and 
finally left on 17 November amid a throng of well-wishers. 

The last time I contacted Mary, she was just about to move into 
an elderly peoples home in the London area. She is still giving 
some talks in Europe this year and should be easily contactable 
through the ES grape vine. 

Best wishes 

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> Hello everyone 
> I have just joined this group. I am a member of TS from New Zealand. Arthur Goodall welcomed me to the HPB Lodge in 1991. He also married me June last year! I studied in Adyar in 1994/95 with Ravi Ravindra at the School of the Wisdom. I returned to Adyar again in December 2007 after completing my PhD, where unexpectedly, I got engaged to Sushma Sreenath, whom I first met in Adyar in 1995. Pedro Olivera conducted an engagement blessing for us in Adyar, at the Church of St Michael and All Angels. 
> I love Adyar, so Keith, I am pleased to see your honest comments about the presidential election. In New Zealand, we are labouring under an illusion regarding Adyar, courtesy of our current national president, Mr Keys. 
> Do you know Keith, why Mary Anderson left Adyar? According to Mr Keys, it was because she nominated John Algeo for president and therefore, Radhaji kicked her out! Very odd, considering that she was in charge of the presidential voting, and therefore, rigged the votes against John Algeo. 
> Kind regards 
> Simon 

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