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Re: Theos-World Hello everyone and a question for Keith

Apr 14, 2009 00:19 AM
by Anton Rozman

Hi Ramadoss,

>If anyone in the list knows where Mary is, why not ask her to sign on to this maillist and give her version of what happened.<

On the events page of the Theosophical Society in England there is announcement of Mary Anderson's lecture in May:
10 May 2009 Sunday - 18:00 - 19:30 
by Mary Anderson

What is a path? What may it imply in daily life? And what does a pathless land imply? Does it point to something new ? hitherto unknown? The concept of a path has its uses and its dangers. Are we ourselves the path? Are we the pathless land?

Mary Anderson has worked for many years at the World Headquarters of the Theosophical Society where she has held the positions of International Vice-President and International Secretary.

£7, £5 concessions. Arranged by Foundation for Theosophical Studies. 


So, Mary Anderson is most probably in England. And as far as I understood from our short conversations years ago she doesn't have much friendly relation with PC.

Best regards,

--- In, MKR <mkr777@...> wrote:
> While waiting to hear from Keith, here is another simple approach.
> If anyone in the list knows where Mary is, why not ask her to sign on to
> this maillist and give her version of what happened. Now that she is no
> longer at Adyar, she need not fear about coming out in the open and stating
> her case.
> Also those who are spreading the allegation of her getting kicked out,
> should take steps to contact her and ask her to respond. After all the
> things that took place last year, we need to verify anything that comes from
> anyone.
> There is a Russian proverb - trust but verify.
> By the way, Simon are you aware of the ultra secret plan from a Quartet to
> seize control of presidency, which fortunately for TS and its members was
> discovered in time and with the help of Internet, members were informed and
> members world wide were enraged and disappointed and saddened by what some
> leaders are upto.
> If you have not read about the events that took place last year, you can go
> to the and read the archives of theos-talk. If you run into
> any difficulty, please email me off the list, and I will try to help.
> By the way, I am  just an ordinary member of TS living in the USA and have
> not held any position in administration, national or international and do
> not plan to take any position in the future. So my interest is just get the
> true facts out for all us to understand the truth.
> Sun, Apr 12, 2009 at 4:22 PM, drsjwebber@... <drsjwebber@...>wrote:
> >
> >
> > Hello everyone
> >
> > I have just joined this group. I am a member of TS from New Zealand. Arthur
> > Goodall welcomed me to the HPB Lodge in 1991. He also married me June last
> > year! I studied in Adyar in 1994/95 with Ravi Ravindra at the School of the
> > Wisdom. I returned to Adyar again in December 2007 after completing my PhD,
> > where unexpectedly, I got engaged to Sushma Sreenath, whom I first met in
> > Adyar in 1995. Pedro Olivera conducted an engagement blessing for us in
> > Adyar, at the Church of St Michael and All Angels.
> >
> > I love Adyar, so Keith, I am pleased to see your honest comments about the
> > presidential election. In New Zealand, we are labouring under an illusion
> > regarding Adyar, courtesy of our current national president, Mr Keys.
> >
> > Do you know Keith, why Mary Anderson left Adyar? According to Mr Keys, it
> > was because she nominated John Algeo for president and therefore, Radhaji
> > kicked her out! Very odd, considering that she was in charge of the
> > presidential voting, and therefore, rigged the votes against John Algeo.
> >
> > Kind regards
> >
> > Simon
> >
> >  
> >
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