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Re: Theos-World Who Master Morya really are?

Apr 11, 2009 04:22 PM
by Martin

Dear Morten:

why do you think you can defend the Masters and the Theosophical teachings?
Don't you think a chela has other things to do than stick his neck out for people who are much more powerfull to defend themselves far better?
Or did your master tell you to do so?

If theosophy is just presented as "half truth"( read MH ), don't you think you should start using your intuïtion as KH advises?
The way you present yourself glows in fanatism, although I am sure you are not a fanatic, however communicating with different cultures needs cunning and a lot of humor.
Don't take everything too serious, even Johnson is actually asking for clearity in his books...Buddha didn't make a mystery about Himself, he just walked the earth for everyone to see and talk to. He was not afraid people would suffer because of His presence, nor was He afraid of bad smell, food or drink. He was wise in all 3 worlds, so they couldn't affect Him anymore but the beings living in those worlds suffering from them. He was friends with drunks and tramps, with villains and murderers just because he could see the same principle in everyone and everything.
So Morten, take a look at your attitude and you may make lots of friends, the ones you claim you are friends with already...
All the best from a friend :-)

--- On Sat, 4/11/09, Morten Nymann Olesen <> wrote:
From: Morten Nymann Olesen <>
Subject: Theos-World Who Master Morya really are?
Date: Saturday, April 11, 2009, 9:04 PM


      Dear friends

My views are:

The following might be interesting to read.

David Pratt a long time theosophist is behind the below article or book.

Some of you might be interested in reading it.

"The Theosophical Mahatmas - A Critique of Paul Johnson's New Myth - by David Pratt

September 1997"

http://ourworld. compuserve. com/homepages/ dp5/johnson. htm

Here are few minor excerpts to let you know about what some of us theosophist think about K. Paul Johnson's books about The Masters Morya and KH, and various other theosophists, some of the honest and compassionate chelas.

K. Paul Johnson wrote in his The Masters Revealed:

"Johnson claims that the "primary prototype" for KH was Thakar Singh Sadhanwalia, a Sikh aristocrat, who was one of the founders the Singh Sabha, a Punjabi Sikh reform organization. Master M was supposedly modelled mainly on Ranbir Singh, the Maharaja of Kashmir. Johnson also suggests historical identifications for Djual Kul (Dayal Singh), the Chohan (Baba Khem Singh Bedi), Serapis (Paulos Metamon), Tuitit Bey (Max Theon), and Hilarion (Ooton Liatto). Narayan and one or two other masters have so far been spared "identification" . This paper takes a critical look at Johnson's theory, concentrating on Masters M and KH. "

"Johnson admits that the links he perceives between KH and Thakar Singh and between M and Ranbir Singh are extremely tenuous and inconclusive (for a summary of his evidence, see Gnat). There is not a single piece of convincing evidence to support his "identifications" , only a few scraps of circumstantial and coincidental evidence. In the words of John Algeo: "Johnson's 'evidence' consists of a few general similarities, some coincidences of place and time, and a strong desire to prove a thesis" (Theosophical History, July 1995, p. 245). "

"Numerous details about M and KH and events in their lives are reported in theosophical literature that could not have involved or been based on Ranbir Singh or Thakar Singh. But Johnson does not regard such information as counter-evidence; indeed, he believes it is "naive" to do so. Instead, he either says that some other candidate for M or KH may have been involved in such cases, or he dismisses such details as irrelevant, fictitious, or deliberate disinformation. His basic position is therefore unfalsifiable and must be classed as a dogma rather than a testable hypothesis."

An important character in HPB's largely fictional travelogue From the Caves and Jungles of Hindostan is Gulab Lal Singh, the Rajput ruler of a small central Indian state, who is depicted as possessing occult powers, and as the main companion of HPB and Olcott on their adventures. He is clearly based in part on Morya. Gulab Singh was also the name of the father of Ranbir Singh, the Maharaja of Kashmir, and Johnson believes that HPB's use of the name Gulab Lal Singh supports his "identification" of M with Ranbir Singh.* He points out that Gulab Singh was "notorious for abuse of power and cruelty" ("The Masters Revealed" p. 128)

And here I will stop quoting.

I wonder if the theosophical seekers reading this understands the end results and implications, such a fraudulent attack by K. P. Johnson upon one of the most wise Himalayan Masters.

I say:

Master Morya cannot in NO manner what so ever have been Ranbir Singh. Because a Master  of visdom and compassionwould not act like Ranbir Singh was said to have been acting.

I said this just to let the Seekers after Truth know about these attacks by K. Paul Johnson of the theosophical teachings. - But also to let you know, that I know about this Master in my own private way. And I find  K. Paul Johnsons book a vissious attack upon the wisdom teachings of all ages past - the theosophical teachings, where The Theosophical Society was the beginning cornerstone for the future Wisdom-Religion to come in this Maha-Manvantara.

I am talking out of my own knowledge. Others may do the same.

Yet talking out of my own knowledge, I also remain humble, because I am by no means an advanced chela, and my clairvoyant capabilities might fail me. Yet I have now written, what my heart had to say to you.

And let me state so there should be no doubt about it. I am by no means attacking K. Paul Johnsons person although he might feel inclined to think so for reasons unknown to me. - I am quite on the contrary seeking to defend the wisdom teachings and the Masters good name and reputation from an attack. And other attack by K. Paul Johnson could be dealt with in a similar manner.

- - -

I was seeking to write something similar at the new forum named "The Theosophical Network" - http://www.theosoph - but was because of some misunderstandings prohibited to do so. The  named forum - claims - that the "essential nature of our network is theosophical" and to seek to accomplish the three objects of The Theosophical Society.

The three objects:

1) To form a nucleus of the Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste, or color.

2) To encourage the comparative study of religion, philosophy, and science.

3) To investigate unexplained laws of nature and the powers latent in humanity.

- - -

H. P. Blavatsky added in The Key to Theosophy, p. 16, 1889:

"The Theosophical Society was organized for the purpose of promulgating the Theosophical doctrines, and for the promotion of the Theosophic life. "

http://www.phx- ult-lodge. org/aKEY. htm

I think I will let the members of both the above mentioned forum and this one reach their own conclusions - about what kind of Universal Brotherhood they seek. But I would not promote and buy that book "The Masters Revealed", just like H. P. Blavatsky would not in her day promote the book by E. Hardinge Britten: "Art Magic" (http://www.phx- ult-lodge. org/aKEY. htm )

M. Sufilight

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