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Are we seeing failures of Chelaship?

Apr 10, 2009 09:45 PM
by MKR

Are we seeing failures of Chelaship?

âThe lamentable issue of Bishenlal's rapid scramble up the Himalayas as
would be chela has sadly complicated matters. And your eminent Simla
correspondent has made matters worse. Tho' unaware of it he has helped
precipitate Bishenlal's insanity and (here, consciously) is plotting and
scheming in many ways to make us all into a holocaust from out whose vapours
may loom the giant spectre of the Jakko. Already he tells you that Sinnett
is a credulous imbecile to be led by the nose (pardon my worthy friend the
bad taste which compelled me to duplicate for my "ward" A. P. Sinnett that
last long letter of Mr. H. to yourself which you have at the bottom of your
dispatch box and did not intend H.P.B. to see in full). I had it neatly
copied and for your fiery colleague he has had a deadly mine long prepared.
Mr. Sinnett is now able to verify my old warning that he meant to set all
your friends in London against the Society. The turn of the
Kingsford-Maitland party has come. The diabolical malice which breathes
thro' his present letter comes straight from the Dugpas who provoke his
vanity and blind his reason. When you open M.'s letter of 1881 you will find
the key to many mysteries -- this included. Intuititve as you naturally are
-- chelaship is yet almost -- a complete puzzle for you -- as for my friend
Sinnett and the others they have scarcely an inkling of it yet. Why must I
even now (to put your thoughts in the right channel) remind you of the three
cases of insanity within seven months among "lay chelas," not to mention
one's turning a thief? Mr. Sinnett may consider himself lucky that his lay
chelaship is in "fragments" only, and that I have so uniformly discouraged
his desires for a closer relationship as an accepted chela. Few men know
their inherent capacities -- only the ordeal of crude chelaship develops
them. (Remember these words: they have a deep meaning.)â Letter No. 67 â
Mahatma Letter to A P Sinnett

As a rookie student of theosophy, after I read the above letter from Master
KH to Colonel Olcott, I tried to reflect upon the events starting with the
election nomination, electioneering and the subsequent events to date,
within the above comments.

It is obvious that the ordeal of chelaship, the failure brings about
insanity. As everyone knows, there are many varieties of insanity. The
common underlying essence is the loss of rationality and illogical approach
to issues of their lives and those individuals and entities they deal with.
As the Master says, if it is a puzzle even to Olcott, we the beginner
students of theosophy can only speculate.

Let us look at the past events very closely. The basic premise to defeat the
sitting president was presenting to the membership the untruth about her
health. Next was not recognizing the untruth, when incontrovertible proof
became available challenging the untruth, and  not taking immediate action
to fix the untruth. Again the object was the defeat the sitting president.

When election results based on world-wide voting by members were announced,
there was no public congratulation from the losing candidate and the
supporters, to the winner, as is traditional in all democracies. This seems
to show an unwillingness to accept the results of world-wide election.

This was followed by allegations against the Indian Sectionâs handling of
the voting. The Indian Section was very unhappy about these allegations and
the Section publicly challenged the allegations. It was met with silence and
not with provable evidence to substantiate the allegations.

Next came the bombshell. In greatest secrecy, a plan was developed to seize
control of the presidency and the plan was to get it approved quickly and
surprise the members. It was simple and very shrewd.  Disenfranchise all the
members world-wide and a handful of GC members to take over the authority to
nominate and appoint (even though euphemistically called elect) the

Luckily for TS and theosophy, some brave souls discovered this clever plan
in time and with the help of Internet was disseminated worldwide and TS was
saved in nick of time. Members worldwide were dismayed and shocked that
anyone, especially long time experienced members, would even dream of
secretly disenfranchising the members and seizing the presidency.

The prime object of TS is Universal Brotherhood and the motto is There is No
Religion Higher than Truth. With this backdrop, each one of the above events
is totally illogical.

With the backdrop of the Masterâs statement to Olcott, is it possible that
the above events demonstrate failures in the crucible of chelaship?


There is No Religion Higher Than Truth

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