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Re: Questions for Keith - straight to the point I hope

Apr 10, 2009 00:09 AM
by Anton Rozman

Dear Keith,

Thank you very much for your presentation. Actually, I think that you opened really very important issue of cultural difference between the West and the East on how members see the role of the President of the Theosophical Society. Maybe, we could say something more on this issue after we will finish dealing with concrete matters.

Warmest regards,

--- In, "keith_fisher@..." <exsecy@...> wrote:
> Dear Anton
> Thank you for doing the math, when considering the high percentage 
> of the return of Indian votes, one must also consider the difference 
> in the culture compared to the west.  Many of the Indian members are
> extremely devotional and literally worship the President, each year
> groups of them travel long distances to attend the Convention even 
> though they don't understand or speak a word of English.  
> They form groups on the lawns and rely on interpreters to give a 
> summary of the talks.  Some of them even go down on their knees
> to touch the President's feet, she doesn't encourage this but they 
> are usually too quick for her.
> Western members who have spent some time in India will have 
> noticed the high number of temples, and the tiny shrines that have
> been placed at the side of the roads.  This devotional aspect is part
> of everyday life, many workers visit a temple or shrine before going
> to work.  In the TS compound there are many little shrines that are
> hardly noticeable, in addition to the more obvious ones.
> Considering this devotional aspect it is not surprising that there 
> is a high turnout of Indian members voting, many would consider it
> their duty to cast a vote in support of their President.
> Please continue with your questions, the more we can bring out the
> truth, the quicker the TS can return to the more important work it 
> should be doing.  The untruths and misunderstandings are sapping
> the vitality out of our wonderful society, if we can not be spiritual,
> we can at least be kind. 
> Best wishes
> Keith

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