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Dutch Section & the infamous proposal about how to elect the next TS president

Apr 09, 2009 00:37 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

Hi all,

It seems to me that we're clearing up most of the rubbish that has been spread online. Mainly thanks to Keith of course. 

The Dutch section in the meantime has been preparing itself for a members meeting in June or July. Since our board supported John's proposal (and they did so almost unanimously apparently) members have been worried:

- will they support a similar proposal if it comes before the General Council in 09? 
That has been cleared up: in conversation with one of the most reliable theosophists both our current general secretary (Wies Kuiper - who signed the proposal) and the probable future general secretary (Els Rijneker) said they would NOT support a proposal to change the way the president is elected. 

I trust the author of the e-mail informing me of this (that same very reliable lady) did not authorize me to translate the gist of it in English, I don't think there is any reason to keep it private. 

Katinka Hesselink (Dutch / Nederlands weblog)

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