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Re: Theos-World Re: Questions for Keith - straight to the point I hope

Apr 04, 2009 12:44 PM
by MKR

How the sections' voting results are handled/processed brings up a serious
transparency issue brought about the electioneering that took place last
year. Once a world-wide deadline is established, if each section has the
same deadline, the results from each section should be made public as
soon as the votes are tallied in each section. The same deadline applying to
all sections is meant to prevent one section's results influencing any other
sections members. For example in all public elections, once the votes in
each state is tallied, the results are not kept secret till all the states'
results reach a central place and totalled.

In TS election, there is unnecessary secrecy and the national results are
not disclosed to the members and kept secret. It is known to some in each
section and possibly the section leaders and from the events of last
year, no one is sure that these numbers are not leaked to other sections
and/or their leaders. In today's world, everyone expects the sections
results announced as soon as the tallying is complete and there is no reason
why this cannot and should not be done.

Normally, no one would bring up these issues. It is the actions of many
section's leaders last year in the electioneering has brought this into

Any thoughts?


  On 4/4/09, Anton Rozman <> wrote:
As the voting results of each individual Section are in first place
processed by Sections' Election Committees the voting results of each
individual Section are known to the members of these Committees. The
question therefore is: do/did members of these Committees share their
knowledge of the voting results of their Sections with the Administration in
Adyar before the closing of the election process or do/did not?

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