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Re: Introduction & The Voice of the Silence

Aug 30, 2008 00:04 AM
by Katinka Hesselink

I think you are looking too deeply here. She's just saying: be aware
of the dangers of the lower siddhi (why she uses pali here I can't
fathom) & read the rest of this booklet.

Katinka Hesselink
--- In, "butchie122" <brianparry@...> wrote:
> Greetings,  I am a new member of the group who became interested in 
> the site following the recent international election postings - some 
> of which I thought were hilarious.  I am a long time TS member of the 
> Australian Section & the Melbourne Lodge.  With a wide range of 
> interest in most matters theosophical I have a particular interest on 
> the first two of the Stanzas of Dzyan, advaita vedanta & the Voice of 
> the Silence.
> I would be interested to see a discussion from anyone who actually 
> does what HPB said we should do with The Voice of The Silence,ie, use 
> it daily.  By way of starting such a discussion we could focus on the 
> first verse; 'these instructions are for those ignorant of the dngers 
> of the lower iddhi'. 
> Most commentators, John Allego being the latest, are careful to 
> explain these iddhis & the dangers, but if that is all there is to it 
> then the rest of the book can be ignored.  The focus in the first 
> verse is on our ignorance.  We can know ABOUT the danger by analysis 
> but knowing the dangers is quite a different matter. Our daily use of 
> the book begins with our awareness of our ignorance.  In this context 
> awareness of ignorance is a positive quality. Any comments will be 
> welcome

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