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Re: Theos-World Frank on a possibly "faked" KH Commentary

Aug 24, 2008 03:13 PM
by Frank Reitemeyer

Daniel wrote:
But I will say just this:

Now it is true that the sentence that you object to

"Bismarck and Beaconsfield are types of black magicians."

is NOT in Julia's extract.

But the attentive reader will notice that in comparing the TWO
versions the sentences in the two extracts are arranged DIFFERENTLY,


this is what I expected, that we agree that the alleged message coming from 
Master K.H. as published by the New York group which seceded from Tingley's 
mother society (The Aryan TS of New York) is obviously "improved" - proofed 
by Bismarck insertion.

One is reminded to Josephus' ill-famed insertion "And I say also unto thee, 
That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church" (Matt. 
16:16) - which sentence is regarded commonly as a fake and which is the ONLY 
sentence which parades as a weak reason for the launch of a church.

We know that it belongs to the ABC of Theosophy to learn that Theosophy or 
Brotherhood comes first and patriotism comes second (and that counts the 
more for students coming from national mindsets which says: We are the 

No student of Blavatsky can escape his/her traditional mindset and in the 
case of the Bismarck insertion it seems that Julia Keithley could not escape 
her English (not necessary Scotish or Irish) mindset in regard to Germany of 
fear and hate. The best example of how deep traditional mindset are rooted 
are the secular Jews, who became nihilists, communists etc. and 
unconsciously sticked on their national spirit as if they were still 


But I would suggest that however one might try to explain the reason
for the different REARRANGEMENT of the material in the two extracts
and the absence of the Bismarck sentence in Julia's extract, it is or
at least should be obvious that the basic material found in these two
extracts comes from a common source and the source dates back AT
LEAST to 1890 and is found in Judge's own magazine while both he and
H.P. Blavatsky are alive....

I will save my other points and ADDITIONAL material that I have to
quote for a subsequent posting after this posting is considered by
you and other interested readers.


Mmmh. That sounds as if you have a joker...:-)

If you can proof that the Bismarck sentence was supported by Judge of HPB I 
will withdraw my critic.

Otherwise I would suggest that you inform your website readers about the 
questionable quote (even if one wishes the sentence to be true).

Either way, it shows that in research of our theosophical literature we need 
experts from all sides.



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