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Re: Theos-World C.W. Leadbeater's birthdate: The significance of the birthyear

Aug 11, 2008 11:40 AM
by Morten Nymann Olesen

My views are:

I think as H. P. Blavatsky did, that the following is equally true.
This Avatar mentioned in the below quote can however be considered a minor Kalki-Avatar or Maitreya.

Krishna said in the Bhagvad Gita Chapter 4:
" Krishna. Manifold the renewals of my birth
Have been, Arjuna! and of thy births, too!
But mine I know, and thine thou knowest not,
O Slayer of thy Foes! Albeit I be
Unborn, undying, indestructible,
The Lord of all things living; not the less-
By Maya, by my magic which I stamp
On floating Nature-forms, the primal vast-
I come, and go, and come. When Righteousness
Declines, O Bharata! when Wickedness
Is strong, I rise, from age to age, and take
Visible shape, and move a man with men,
Succouring the good, thrusting the evil back,
And setting Virtue on her seat again.
Who knows the truth touching my births on earth
And my divine work, when he quits the flesh
Puts on its load no more, falls no more down
To earthly birth: to Me he comes, dear Prince!"

Bu saying that anything, which are looking very much like Christian emotional teachings and popery is a good thing, I will not.

As far as I know we have witnessed that C. W. Leadbeater was and is officially the fastest evolvoing theosophical Seeker since he became member and until today. Even surpassing the famous Damodar K. Mavalankar. Within about 15 years he went from no clairvoyance to be able to tell the amased 99% other persons on this Planet, that the were people living on Mars and read the mental Auras in a controlled manner etc. etc.

M. Sufilight

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The following article (see link below) is thought provoking and offers
an explanation as to why Leadbeater's views on God, the priesthood and
ceremony vary with the views of the Mahatmas, as found in "The Mahatma
Letters to A.P.Sinnett", "The Secret Doctrine" and other sources
recently qouted.  See:

As for Leadeater's proclamation that Maitreya would appear as the
"World Teacher" in the last century (20th) - this conflicts with all
those references to the Maitreya's "coming" as found in "The Collected
Writings of Blavatsky" and "The Secret Doctrine".  In Blavatsky's and
the Mahatma's statements Maitreya is regularly linked with the Kalki
Avatar (eg., see Collected Writings: vol six, p116 and vol fourteen, p
354 and p436) - hence references to Maitreya Buddha's "coming" are
always at the end of a great cycle of a round or race - not just past
mid cycle as we are now.

"MAITREYA is the secret name of the Fifth Buddha, and the Kalki Avatar
of the Brahmins—the last MESSIAH who will come at the culmination of
the Great Cycle."  (Secret Doctrine, vol one, p 384)


"The simple secret is this: There are cycles within greater cycles,
which are all contained in the one Kalpa of 4,320,000 years. It is at
the end of this cycle that the Kalki-Avatâra is expected." (Collected
Writing, vol 14, p 354)


And now for the Lamaic hierarchy. Of the living or incarnate Buddhas
there are five also, the chief of whom is Taley-Lama—from Tale,
"Ocean" or Sea; he being called the "Ocean of Wisdom." Above him, as
above H'amza, there is but the "SUPREME WISDOM"—the abstract principle
from which emanated the five Buddhas—Maïtreya Buddha (the last
Bodhisattva, or Vishnu in the Kalki avatara), the tenth "messenger"
expected on earth—included. But this will be the One Wisdom and will
incarnate itself into the whole humanity collectively, not in a single
individual. But of this mystery—no more at present.
(Collected Writings, vol 3, p185)

[note:  "not in a single individual",  Murthy]


"LIKE Avalokiteshwara, Kwan-shi-yin has passed through several
transformations, but it is an error to say of him that he is a modern
invention of the Northern Buddhists, for under another appellation he
has been known from the earliest times. The Secret Doctrine teaches
that "He who is the first to appear at Renovation will be the last to
come before Re-absorption (pralaya)." Thus the logoi of all nations,
from the Vedic Visvakarma of the Mysteries down to the Saviour of the
present civilised nations, are the "Word" who was "in the beginning"
(or the reawakening of the energising powers of Nature) with the One
ABSOLUTE. Born of Fire and Water, before these became distinct
elements . . . the two are one  [Avalokateshwara and Maitreya]. He
will appear as Maitreya Buddha, the last of the Avatars and Buddhas,
in the seventh Race. This belief and expectation are universal
throughout the East. Only it is not in the Kali yug, our present
terrifically materialistic age of Darkness, the "Black Age," that a
new Saviour of Humanity can ever appear."
(Secret Doctrine, vol one, page 471)

[note: "not in the Kali yug", the last sentence above, as we are
currently in the Kali Yuga cycle of 432,000 years of duration, and
have been for the last few thousand years. Murthy]


"Esoteric philosophy teaches that the next Buddha will appear during
the seventh (sub) race of this Round."  (Theosophical Glossary, under
"Maitreya" )


Kalki Avatar (Sk.). The "White Horse Avatar", which will be the last
manvantaric incarnation of Vishnu, according to the Brahmins; of
Maitreya Buddha, agreeably to Northern Buddhists; of Sosiosh, the last
Hero and Saviour of the Zoroastrians, as claimed by Parsis; and of the
"Faithful and True" on the white Horse (Rev. xix., 2). In his future
epiphany or tenth avatar, the heavens will open and Vishnu will appear
"seated on a milk-white steed, with a drawn sword blazing like a
comet, for the final destruction of the wicked, the renovation of
'creation' anal the 'restoration of purity'". (Compare Revelation.)
This will take place at the end of the Kaliyuga 427,000 years hence.
The latter end of every Yuga is called "the destruction of the world",
as then the earth changes each time its outward form, submerging one
set of continents and upheaving another set.

(Theoshophical Glossary)




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