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ASCENSION FREQUENCIES - Important to Download these for 8-8-8

Aug 08, 2008 07:53 AM
by Donald Addams

An important note to all members.

As many of you already know, I'm a scientific researcher developing acoustic frequencies that contain geometric representations of different states of consciousness that when listened to tend to entrain the mind and body rapidly and dramatically into a specific desired states.

This project has spanned the last 7 years, I have a test group of approximately 600 volunteers.  Results to date of exposure to these frequencies encompass dramatic phenomena related to regeneration, healing, 
well being.

You can review volunteer reports of effects of these frequencies at

Over the course of roughly the last year, the focus has been on addressing general and specific areas of mind and body debilitation, with the hoped for target in mind of increasing overall wellness.

However recently, I have come to the very profound and distinctive realization that I had been avoiding and perhaps hiding from myself what I should have really been focusing on primarily all along.

This wasn't an easy realization because it required of me I found, for personal reasons, that I take a step of faith out into an area that I had long ago submerged.  This was the area of the heart and of honestly
allowing myself the freedom to step into what some might call my higher self.

Its not that I had forgotten my heart and its not that I had turned my back on my higher self, it was just that I found that over time, the 'world' seemed to generally not be supportive of these, and so I hid them away I suppose, to protect them and keep them safe, in waiting for the day that I could allow them out again.

So I spent most of my time in my head, and although I did pour my heart into my work, I didn’t focus the work 'on' the heart or the higher, inner true self as much as I should have. Funny, much of the real break
throughs in my work however came when I allowed both to co-mingle and to solve problems together.

This month, specifically, we have some enormous events occurring energetically.  As someone who is science based, for those of you who are more esoterically minded, you might wonder what I’m talking about.  I’m very much aware that there are current cycles reach climatic proportions and I am very aware of the esoteric implications of all this.

I've decided to directly face the most important area of my work at last, after seven years, and this is to create and provide what I knew I was supposed to all along.

This is to be a collection of frequencies of an absolutely critical and essential nature and what I'm hoping they will be capable
of addressing is this ;

1.)  Support and facilitate the imagination in learning to reason
2.) Allow the conscious and subconscious mind to co-mingle and work powerfully together in the waking state
3.) Support the unified conscious and subconscious mind to reach a super conscious state

Why is this so critical to the process or event often referred to as 'Ascension'?

Let me explain.  First, many people have different takes on what Ascension is about or really means.  Christians refer to it as the end times, Revelations, the Rapture, the Mayan calendar speaks to the 2012 ending of a grand epoch, Terence McKenna refers to it as the Novelty Singularity at the end of Time Wave Zero, Drunvalo has his take on interdimensional shifting and change, and there are numerous concepts of a general 'Ascension' occurring within the New Age arena... most of you know how this tends to play out and be described in various ways.  Most of us
know that 'something' is up and approaching us quickly and we tend to feel like there is 'something' we should be doing.

Realistically, there are likely a number of things that we should be focusing on ranging from dietary improvement, cleansing,
meditation, inner and self development.... you know the whole drill.

However, there is something that is absolutely critical I feel for all of us, regardless of what philosophy, credo, discipline or thoughts of what lies on the quickly approaching horizon, and it is simply this;

We must return ultimately to our real true inner self and we must attain a healthy, happy, harmonious balance.  But this is far more than just calming the mind and extends beyond mere development.

I would like you to imagine something for me.  Most of you should be capable of this I would think.

Close your eyes and recall a time in the distant past when you were a child, before you lost your sense of wonder and magic.

Go back to the time of your innocence.  Go back to the time in your life before you began to learn to disassociate from the trauma you had inflicted from the darkness and stress in the world.  This may not be easy for some, and for some you may have to begin this with only the memory of the memory and then as you can slowly pull yourself back into it.

In that state there was far less separation from your conscious and subconscious mind, the imagination had not yet been fully divorced from the linear awareness.  You may recall if you are fortunate that you saw yourself, others and the world around you through very very different eyes, you may recall then being a child a simple wisdom you knew intuitively and automatically and you may remember many of the adults around you seeming to be strangely asleep to this wisdom and awareness and wondering why they didn’t 'get' what to you seemed to be the most important truths and beauties in life.  Perhaps this made you sad,
and perhaps this made you a bit fearful, wondering if one day you too would grow up and also go to sleep.

For many of us, we did at least to some degree.  We had to put this simple wisdom aside and grow into our more 'responsible' adult selves and we were forced to accept the inevitable sacrifice of our true selves to just get by, to fit in, to please others who insisted that we fulfill a stagnant repetitive archetypal role. Everyone else was doing it and so we had to as well.

And so we forgot what mattered most to us in life, we became the adults who now looked patronizingly down at simple children and 'allowed' them their simplicity for a time.

But this process was a lie, you were forced into accepting a split, a fragmentation of your true self. You had to stop dreaming and hoping the impossible might just be possible.

Don't get me wrong, I’m not suggesting that you, we, as adults can survive effectively in the real world with simply the mind if an underdeveloped
child, that’s not what I mean.  What I am suggesting is that we as adults are not surviving terribly well on the planet by the current
mindset we do have because we have divorced ourselves from an important and intrinsic part of our nature, we have become lobotomized.

For some the split occurs in such a way where the person lacks the ability to use rational thought properly and they are over emotional
they may go into the field of the arts solely because they are wrongly told that they simply don’t have the ability to think well analytically
and that is their best option.  For others the split happens where they lean far more on the rational mind and they distance themselves from their
emotions, their heart, their intuition.  Either split is bad because you end up with being debilitated in a critical part of your life. Life becomes
more of a struggle.  We are crippled from being our true selves and reaching our full potential.

More importantly we are kept from experiencing supra-normal states of experience, liberty, sensation, relation, fulfillment and in many cases
we no longer even have the ability to be aware of this much at all.

If humanity was actually able to think, feel, experience from a state of unified consciousness.... if significant aspects of the conscious
and unconscious mind actually could work together strongly, if the mind and heart and soul operated as one, how much would our world

In your dreams, the good ones, the positive ones, you fly.  You experience amazing miraculous events, you have far more options.

Beautiful magic is commonplace.  And then you wake up, and you experience this world from the place of the conscious mind separated from imagination and from the subconscious self.

Close your eyes and imagine what might actually be very physically possible if this separation DID NOT EXIST!

What if your imagination COULD reason!?  Please really think about this, really.  Imagination is often a randomized kaleidoscope
of imagery, sounds, thoughts, impressions, feelings... but what if imagination and reasoning became synthesized as ONE!?

This must be a very very critical step in whatever we want to call the Ascension process, and in fact it must occur, it is critical
to being really truly awake.

I’m certain that there are many good ways of attaining such a thing..

My focus however has been to assist people in recovery and on their road to wellness via the unique discovery I have made with sound frequencies.

I am absolutely convinced that I am able to design these frequencies in such a way that they can powerfully support us in this and I believe 
Holistically induce these states via entrainment.

These are currently under development and I hope to make them available to all of us soon.  They will be provided as free functioning versions
and what I’m hoping for is volunteers willing to test them and to report any and all effects observed as this will greatly support the research and
development.  I hope to have these new exotic frequencies available later in August.

To date however, I have created a series of frequencies that are designed to prepare the mind body towards this end prior to exposure
to the new exotics.  The current preparatory frequencies are now being used by our current volunteer group with astounding results.
I believe that these current frequencies will greatly support us in shaping our minds and bodies towards this end and then following their
use we can then introduce the new exotic unification frequencies.  Upon the use of this second set of frequencies my hope is the changes
will occur much quicker and stronger.

I need volunteers to get started on the prep frequencies and who are interested in trying out the following soon to be released exotics.

I'd be happy to provide more information on this and provide anyone the samples of these audio frequencies to experiment with if their interested.

If you are interested and willing to participate in this please email me direct if you wish at

if you would like top get access to these frequencies.  They are in the form of MP3 files and can be easily played on your computer and you can burn them to CD and play them on your car stereo or whatever.  I would appreciate any feedback and observations that you have if you use them as that is helpful to me in my research.

Will try to get back to you asap if you write to me, but ask your patience in this as my workload is immense........

Looking forward to out mutual future discussions!

Very Best Regards



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