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fundamental questions...of God or no God..."are admittedly beyond both of us"...

Aug 07, 2008 02:36 AM
by danielhcaldwell

...fundamental questions...of God or no God..."are admittedly beyond 
both of us"...

Notice what Master Koot Hoomi writes to Mr. A.O. Hume in THE MAHATMA 

As you say this need "make no difference between us" -- personally. 
But it does make a world of difference if you propose to learn and 
offer me to teach. For the life of me I cannot make out how I could 
ever impart to you that which I know since the very A.B.C. of what I 
know, the rock upon which the secrets of the occult universe, whether 
on this or that side of the veil, are encrusted, is contradicted by 
you invariably and a priori. 

My very dear Brother, either we know something or we do not know 
anything. In the first case what is the use of your learning, since 
you think you know better? In the second case why should you lose 
your time? 

You say it matters nothing whether these laws are the expression of 
the will of an intelligent conscious God, as you think, or constitute 
the inevitable attributes of an unintelligent, unconscious "God," as 
I hold. 

I say, it matters everything, and since you earnestly believe that 
these fundamental questions (of spirit and matter -- of God or no 
God) "are admittedly beyond both of us" -- in other words that 
neither I nor yet our greatest adepts can know no more than you do, 
then what is there on earth that I could teach you? 

...I tell you plainly you are unfit to learn, for your mind is too 
full and there is not a corner vacant from whence a previous occupant 
would not arise, to struggle with and drive away the newcomer. 
Therefore I do not evade, I only give you time to reflect and deduce 
and first learn well what was already given you before you seize on 
something else....


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