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Problem with Blavatsky's writing??? Is this "problem" unique just with her?

Aug 03, 2008 01:09 PM
by danielhcaldwell

Problem with Blavatsky's writing??? Is this "problem" unique just 
with her and her writings? 

Anand, you now say:

"Problem with  Blavatsky's writing is her students don't [know] what 
she wants to say. Whether what she wants to say is right or wrong is 
different question. That can be considered when you know what 
Blavatsky wants to say. Funny thing about Blavatsky's writing is her 
students are not sure what she wants to say, whether God exists or 
not. I get different answers on these important issues from students 
of Blavatsky."

I find it somewhat hard to know what you are actually trying to 
say!  :)

I will only speak for myself but I think I have a pretty good idea of 
what Blavatsky is writing about when she speaks of "God".

In other words, I have taken the time and effort to read most if not 
all of HPB's writings on "God". Now my understanding and 
interpretation of Blavatsky may be somewhat faulty but that is not 
Blavatsky's fault, is it?

So are you blaming Blavatsky for what her students understand or 
don't understand?

Again is there a religious teacher or philosopher  --- living or 
dead --- whose students and followers ALL have the same understanding 
of that teacher's writings or views?

Most teachers, most philosophers, most religious leaders, most 
religions and most holy books have numerous followers and there are 
DIFFERING interpretations and CONFLICTING understandings by the 
followers of these philosophers, religious leaders, etc.

So I fail to understand why you are singling out Blavatsky.

OBTW, I have no clear idea of what your belief or idea is 
about "God."  Maybe that is my "fault" but I would say you have 
provided us with very little on how you view "God".

Maybe you will start by trying to answer those 6 questions which you 
can find through this link:

"Anand, I'm Looking forward to your Anwers to 6 Questions"


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