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Re: Theos-World Alice A. Bailey and The United Nations - The Word made FLESH!

Aug 02, 2008 08:41 PM
by Anton Rozman

Hi John,

Thank you very much for the links.

I believe that the most important information in these books is that 
there exists an identifiable corporative interest moved by greed 
which has means and ability to convert any idealism into extremism, 
evolutionary process into revolution; which is able, with the use of 
same methods of control, corruption and deceit, to undermine whatever 
formal political system in every country in the world; and which 
essential ideology is opportunism. 

In former Jugoslavia we had a specific political system: Self-
Government - which was constantly undermined by members of sole 
political party - the Communist party - with the help of political 
police and doctrine of "permanent revolution". But these members knew 
very little about the ideology of communism and great majority of 
them were just opportunists who sought only their selfish corporative 
interests. Actually, the Yugoslav Communist party gain in membership 
during the WW II when it abused the liberation movement for its rise 
to power and got rid of "true" communists afterwards. When 
a "democratic change" took place in 1990 these people became 
members of different political parties, maintained the power and same 
methods of operation - more over, the control, corruption and deceit 
seems greater then ever before.

Therefore, the alleged opposition between capitalism and communism in 
the real politics of the world is just, in my opinion, a method of 
how to deceit people, to polarize them and to keep them in fear, so 
that they don't see that their political systems are dysfunctional. 

There is a saying: "the entire world is the same village" and either 
you in USA are still far from your ideal of "government of the 
people, for the people, by the people" - maybe in this particular 
moment farer then ever before.

Some think that a solution is an "enlightened autocracy", but one can 
now keep and lead people as sheep only with the help of drugs and 
constant brainwashing as we can not turn the evolution process 

Best regards,

--- In, Augoeides-222@... wrote:
> Anton,
> Thanks that did the trick, I have them on my favorites and looks 
like quite a bit to read. I scanned the Chapter index and saw many 
items I was familiar with but no one has mentioned most of them here 
for decades ago. They appear in the News and TV long ago some of 
>     Also today I G Farben is reconstituted although the Father has 
passed, the two sons continue and have made the Firm very sound. They 
make the excellent German Submarines now that run very quiet among 
other commercial endeavors.
>    I didn't see the Bush Union Bank listed as contributors for the 
Reich but it may be in the book somewhere. You might also Google 
Eugenio Pacelli Papel Nuncio to Germany, back around 2000 there were 
online contents with a Photo of him and Hitler at his residence in 
Munich and a suitcase of money he was delivering to Hitler before He 
had rose to power. Also there was a women name Mae Brussel years ago 
who caused quite an uproar with her investigative Radio Shows a most 
interesting stimulating women. She passed on over a decade ago.
> Mae Brussel Google Image Search
> >>>
> Mae Brussel Artilces List
> I want also to mention because I saw Chapters about German-Soviet 
Cooperations. When I was reviewing online about  the Caspian Sea 
Monster and the Russian Flying boat History I think it was the Bureau 
Boss of Beriev the Designer, a Colonel in the Russian Military who 
was involved in a secret program with Germany in violation of the WWI 
punitive restrictions on rearmament . The Russians were most 
impressed with the new German Fighter Aircraft and made secret 
overtures to procure them covertly, secretly bring them to a covert 
airfield, and train Russian Pilots to fly them on Russian soil. this 
was done and a Staff of German Officers was stationed there for a 
considerable time. The USA should buy a enitre Fleet of the Beriev 
Flying Boat Fire Fighting Aircraft! We Could save a huge amount of 
money and get a superior product to boot!
> I guess everyone likes a good mystery is a aphorism in regards to 
all these hidden things that humans do.
> Regards,
> John

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