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Re: Theos-World Alice A. Bailey and The United Nations - The Word made FLESH!

Aug 01, 2008 09:51 AM
by Augoeides-222

   Thanks for the link, unfortunately i have some kind of glitch with my e-mail software that involves certain links addresses somehow and it freezes my IE so I wasn't able to access it. However I might indicate something for you and members having to do with Astrology. 

The World Horoscope
Hebrew Astrology
By Sepharial
Key to the Study of Prophecy
W. Foulsham & Co., Limited
(Alias Walter Old - he was one of the 6 men in 12 member Inner Teaching Group of H. P. B. --- she referred to him as "The Astral Tramp" she named him that due to his habit of roaming around at night in his astral body. On page 38 of this work are the "Period Chart for U.S.A." and the "Progressed Chart for U.S.A." He illustrates using Both the U.S.A. and China characterizing America as the Present Western Power and China as the "future" World Power.)


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Dear Jonh
I send you a link with the national chart of the United States. I hope you will find interesting

Best Regards


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Hi and thanks for your reply. I don't know what the Nazi said I have not the urge to know. You are situated much better than I to advise on that considering your life experience.

>>> They also claimed that Theosophists teach communism, a Masonic One
World ideology to destroy the natural hierachies of peoples and nations and
races and teach a race intermix as the Marxist Internationale propagates<< <

Well one way I could visualize how they arrive at that nonsense is simply by the fact that Theosophy advocates at some distant point if a future where mankind arrives to a more manifold condition of Unity. It is kind off funny that dictators hate Unity as an idea of "others"! But will annihilate millions to create their distortion of unity. Here in Califonia a few decades ago we had what seemed like millions of "Hippys" that were totally preoccupied with the idea of Unity. My point is the idea must go back in mankind a very long time presenting itself to millions along the way, one can safely say that "Unity" is not thee property of any genre such as Masons, Communists, Christians or whatever.

>>>World ideology to destroy the natural hierachies of peoples and nations and
races and teach a race intermix as the Marxist Internationale propagates<< <

That sound a lot like the Eugenics Frank, they attempted to organize and chronicle mankind constituency into a rigid stick logic diagram. Hamlets Mill ground them into dust in very few decades. 
There is considerable apt willingness to argue the previous times idea's. New Disciplines have arose that contravenes most all of the intellectually favored previous mistakes. Mankind will do what they will do that is imperically observable. If there is a will there can be found the way, the heart declines the coldness and shallowness of puerile scientisms. I some time hold that Nero and other ancient rulers also long before our present predirelections utilized excessive hedonisms and the debasement of morality to nurture the grateful support they needed to stay Ruler. As the air moved over the entirety of the world so also can the affectations and morality of nations and individuals change like weather patterns crossing the country side.

I have zero acquaintance in regard to Coudenhove Kalergi. Why did the magazine accept that content? As far as I have read Frank the Protocols of Zion are universally declared by reputable Scholars to be fraudulent. I am enclined to give weight to knowledge.

>>>Many would say it it rather "America" [USA] which bring hatred to the world<<<

Yes, there is always plenty of that on our plate here. But the usual suspects most of the time are Socialist Front Organizations, L. The y promulgate a vary large rumor mill by Leftist Radicals, Nationalist, Communist Front organizations, NeoNazi Organizations, and many ot!hers that have distinct Racial Identity's as Organizations. Anarchists also contribute their 2 cents lol basically they think anything and everything about America is wrong, evil, racist, hateful, corrupt, oppressive, tyrranical, dictatorial, Gluttoness, amoral, hedonistic, greedy, apostate, and perhaps 200 more distinct sentiments! Lol!

Smoking pot definitely alters the ability to discriminate and produce excellence in judgmental decision making. 

They hate that America fought to keep people free all over the planet and that they lost most of the time. They hate our Power because it makes them cowards. They hate our Money because they never understood how to make money and don't have any money and can't get money because their countrys are corrupted by rich ruling elites that steal the wealth of the nation and keep in Swiss Bank Accounts while the people starve. They hate our econimic power because they mistakenly think we raided their property when what really happened was We paid money for the "Rights" and paid Royaltys to their Rulers or Government and we put up the money to Develop what was sitting there Undeveloped for thousands of years waiting for "anyone" determined enough with enough know how, skilll, money and mind trust of people that could perform the event. Excuse me it was the Europeans who had Kings! They hate our form of National Goverment because they live under the thumbs of evil
and can't escape it. T
hey "hate" is mainly what they do for a living and their Leaders love that because they externalize it way from them, and it keeps the ruler ruling. Imagine a world where America had never appeared but all else happened as it did what would be here right now for everybody??? ??

It is a pity so many are caught in the web of intentional distortions and redactions of the real history of the world. I wish someday people would get real.

I will try to find some time to read the link Frank.

PS: The American Government just spent $1.741 Trillion to bail out Homeowners and Financial Institution that created the present mess. They didn't even blink. Not one word of uproar over spending they do.

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>I didn't care to read Alice Bailey or Annie Besant as they were both away
>from H.P.B. in my personal view. Annie Besant was a committed Communist
>before she arrived to Theosophy or met Blavatsky. I consider that she knew
>an opportunity to use Theosophy to advance those causes. I never admit that
>Communists can throw away the tenets they hold dear at the drop of the hat.

Interesting, John. You use against Besant the very same argument as the
Nazis. They also claimed that Theosophists teach communism, a Masonic One
World ideology to destroy the natural hierachies of peoples and nations and
races and teach a race intermix as the Marxist Internationale propagates
(especially directed against the British Theosophists in Germany, which are
said to have been sworn to the City of London and the King of England).

Leading Jews and Freemasons like Coudenhove Kalergi had (and still have when
you look at the EU policy) an agenda that the Jews are the master race which
should rule the Europeans, that race intermix with millions of Africans and
Asians, which will they force to immigrate to Europe, will break the will of
the Europeans so that the Jews can easily rule them:
http://balder. org/judea/ Richard-Coudenho ve-Kalergi- Practical- Idealism- Vienna-1925. php

Gosh, Coudenhove Kalergi, who spreat his racist and inhuman ideology in a
1923 Vienna Masonic magazine and in several books, which are black listed in
all European states (except in the national library of Finland or Sweden, I
guess), has an agenda similar to the The Protocols of the Learned Elders of
Zion - which are said to be a forgery (as Jews say).

But Coudenhove Kalergi really lived and his books where really printed,
although behind the scene there is much done to silence this Jewish pioneer 
Could the sheep awake before kosher butchering?

His contemporary big H at the same time proclaimed that mankind must not be
divided in superior and inferior races and that each race has a worth of its
own (they called it Erbeigenart, which is the same as swabhava in Tibetan
Buddhism) and that the peoples should deal brotherly with each other...

And was Besant not rather a Fabian socialist - a kind of social
democratism - than a communist?

>It is sport today to foment hatred of America so what's new?

Many would say it it rather "America" [USA] which bring hatred to the world
since a longer time. Or rather a little gangster clique which is raised in 
own-run agngster elite universities, to be trained from their teens on to 
lie and steel so that they become the next foreign rule leaders.

Yet there is no room for anti-americanism in theosophy as the TS was founded
to end foreign rules over the nations and a theosophist, who has studied his
ABC, knows well that the normal American is no more guilty for the crimes of
his pseudo-government as any other human being, except for the occult

Even HPB, when she was forced to US citizenship to get a heritage, was
furious about the gross inmorality in USA in her letters to her sister.
But the USA of today or HPB's day is not the USA of the founding fathers.


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